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The difficulty of telling the difference between the Solid and the Fluid Thinkers

And how important is it, exactly?

I am the first to admit that separating the two thinker types is not exactly easy or clearcut. It is more like a degree of how Fluid or Solid you are. The level seems to change somewhat based on the group of people you’re currently with. All people turn somewhat Fluid in the company they […]

Hugh Hefner dies at 91 leaving a history of dreams realized

One love of my life has passed

I don’t often find myself compelled to write farewells to anyone, really. Hugh Hefner is one of those people who made my world better by simply being in it. I’ve never bought the Playboy magazine – I don’t like girls, but I loved his life. I loved what he did in his time, throughout his […]

Nuno Bettencourt’s Cover of Radiohead’s Creep is about the best thing you’ll ever hear

Let me explain to you why.

This man, Nuno Bettencourt, is the most beautiful soul you’ll ever see walk this Earth. He is not only a true idealist, an incredible musician, a superbly intelligent guy, he’s as handsome as men come, and this song is what he chose to tear one’s heart out. “Every now and again a song comes out […]

Extreme (Nuno Bettencourt) – South Park Festival Tampere, FIN, 5th June 2015

Nuno Bettencourt, Gary Cherone, Pat Badger and Kevin Figueiredo

The last time I saw Extreme play was on November 18th, 1992 in Helsinki, Finland. A date I don’t have to check from the Internet. It was a stadium show with the original line-up of Nuno Bettencourt, Gary Cherone, Pat Badger and Paul Geary, who was later replaced by Kevin “K-Fig” Figueiredo. Two Stars and […]

Praising Paul Geary, the silent noise of insane drums

When he was still in the band, nobody noticed him. I didn’t notice him. Some great drummers who understood what drums were about noticed and pointed him out, but as the drummer is the guy who hangs out with musicians, he went virtually unnoticed. He was sitting behind a basic drum kit, wore his hair […]

Rolling Stone covers Extreme (Nuno Bettencourt) with bombastic writing

Someone please fire Maura.

I Cannot Deal. I simply cannot deal. Who HIRED this guy?! Whoever hired him should be fired! I fucking looove Extreme, Nuno Bettencourt in particular, as everyone who has ever known me is well aware of (and if you aren’t aware of it, you’re no real friend). Here I was thinking to myself, that it […]

Embarrassing confessions about my rock fandom

I am a bit of a snob when it comes to my rock n’ roll. As soon as I hear something I don’t like, I turn my nose up at the entire band. (Then again, I did forgive Aerosmith for Angel and Lightning Strikes, and Extreme for… Ehrm… The entire III Sides… *cough*) I am […]

I love a bit of smut on my rock n’ roll

Now, I’m not gonna lie to you. I love pretty boys playing loud music. Pretty boys or pretty men, all the same. For me to absolutely fall in love with a band, there has to be that Jim Morrison slither, Steven Tyler demon dance, Joe Perry strut, Nuno Bettencourt’s kind restraint of sexual motions just […]

Nuno Bettencourt – the genius is still alive

Many of you have never even heard of Nuno Bettencourt. If you have, you are very likely to be a fanatic Rihanna fan. If you are not, then you are likely to be kinda old, because you had to be listening to rock in the beginning to mid 90’s. Even then, his name might have […]

“A Weakened State” prevents True Mirror Personality reunions

A weakened state is caused by parents refusing to let go and overbearing societal expectations

“They grow up so fast” is the falsest statement of the century, we don’t grow up at all in some cases! Both the weakened male and weakened female are unable to express their sexuality freely, because they are still half-babies, unable to (fully) draw from that energy that would bond them together.



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