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Being loved for who you are

How different thinker types feel about it

This is a Tailored Post. [membership level=”1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15″] What creates unity A Solid Thinker wants to be a part of a group and being loved for being in it just as much as a Fluid Thinker, but the reason they want to be included for is very different. A Fluid Thinker wants to belong into whatever […]

Your Ultimate Soulmate Relationship

If you haven’t chosen your exact group yet, I urge you to that you do that before reading (and reloading) this page, because I will be describing the ideal relationship type of each personality type and it’s going to be amazing with the group selections done correctly! Then again, if you are still unsure, what’s […]

Soul Pilgrims on their knees for some Sebby lovin’

Yeah, so it finally happened. I had Greg Cherone, who is the twin brother of Gary Cherone of Extreme, contact me on Facebook sounding desperate. Like DESPERATE. You know the type of desperate I am talking about, the kind that when a guy is holding a gun to your head, you have already peed yourself […]

What if my True Mirror Spirit (Twin Flame) is a celebrity?

When you have barely met them or never met them at all...

One of the most confronting situations in the soulmate experience is when you realise that your relationship with a celebrity is something other than what is considered normal admiration of a famous person. You’ve passed your teen years and suddenly you become enthralled by a celebrity… Or you can’t stop being so way past the normal time frame

I need to stop teaching, preaching, and writing opinion pieces

And start writing about my emotional experiences... Other than anger and frustration, possibly.

Somehow, I need to start expressing my feelings. I explain my feelings a lot, I may describe them, but somehow, I still feel I do not. Something is not reaching its destination. I feel as soon as I even consider digging deep into the actual feelings and talking about them, my mother’s spirit flashes in […]

Hugh Hefner dies at 91 leaving a history of dreams realized

One love of my life has passed

I don’t often find myself compelled to write farewells to anyone, really. Hugh Hefner is one of those people who made my world better by simply being in it. I’ve never bought the Playboy magazine – I don’t like girls, but I loved his life. I loved what he did in his time, throughout his […]

About reading this advice

I am not always thinking about YOU specifically when I write. Obvious.

I am doing my best to give the best possible advice to my readers. However, I cannot help you if you insist that your soulmate is of type A rather than type C because you’re too scared to face the truth. I cannot write each post with the person in mind who is talking about […]


Repost from this moment in 2004 (on Nuno Bettencourt's birthday)

I wanted to repost this thing for two reasons. I questioned monogamy ironically just before I found my husband to be and got married for a while… I posted the original on Nuno Bettencourt’s birthday, today! đŸ™‚ I am not sure if this is the only post on my old blog that I questioned monogamy, […]

“A Weakened State” prevents True Spirit Mirror reunions

A weakened state is caused by parents refusing to let go and overbearing societal expectations

“They grow up so fast” is the falsest statement of the century, we don’t grow up at all in some cases! Both the weakened male and weakened female are unable to express their sexuality freely, because they are still half-babies, unable to (fully) draw from that energy that would bond them together.

Last night something happened that makes me care less

Trying to give people the credit they deserve, the love they deserve, and make them feel fantastic...

This was simply the straw that broke the camel’s back. I wrote a comment on Nuno Bettencourt’s Facebook post, lamenting on how I keep hearing him and Joe Perry play together and tried to describe the sound by comparing Nuno to something pristine and clean, and Joe to drunk, corrugated iron, and said that the contrast […]


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