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#GunControlNow – how attitudes are changed before the laws

People don't respond to logic, they respond to social elevation or social demotion

#GunControlNow – Laws are rarely changed in a situation where their enforcement requires a lot of force.  The law writers wait until the society has already changed to kind of seal the deal. “This is what we believe now, as a nation.” Talking sense is an ineffective method of creating change. It is much more […]

The First Version of the Story seems like the Truth

Why people should hurry to tell their own side of the story first...

A word of advice in the times of the internet, social media, and of course, for my Superbly Important Readers who need to sometimes curb media drama. This is a psychological trick if you want to control the media or the way others view you. Always hurry to tell your side of the story to […]

What does it mean when someone defines themselves through a relationship?

In other words: Does the label define or describe you?

I had a fight with a friend once years ago. I remember her retorting to me: “I’ve never met ANYONE who defines themselves through a relationship as much as you do!” That comment struck me as a bizarre one, I didn’t think it was true, but it has been nagging at me ever since. What […]

“I don’t love you!” and what it means to a Fluid Thinker

They hear: "I don't know how to take care of you! I'm a subhuman!"

From the Solid Thinker‘s perspective, the Fluid Thinkers are insufferably narcissistic. To be fair, they feel the same way about us. (I’m a Solid Thinker, of course.) When you tell them that you don’t love them, they hear you say that you have an emotional issue that you don’t know how to fix, and you’re […]

Personal Coaching for the VIC’s

Open-minded, select clients welcome

Very Important Celebrity Clients I have decided, somewhat stupidly, to only offer personal coaching to celebrity clientele only. That’s simply the way I want to do this. I am looking for people with authentic talent, high IQ, people who have no issues with the reality of things. I want to work with people who I […]

Men have trouble *fucking* the woman they’ve confessed to love

"To fuck" means disrespect, and a man cannot disrespect the one he loves. Here's the fix.

This post is going to get complicated even by my standards, but it is important for you to try and keep up. This may transform your love and sex life in a way you never thought possible. I am about to explain and fix the reason why two people madly in love seem to not […]

How do you know if a rejection is real or a game?

Are they seriously telling you to go away or is this a bait?

There are people who toy with the people who they are interested in. They play games of all sorts, test their intended, challenge them, irritate them, try to push them away just to see if they’d call their bluff. It may be truly difficult to tell when a rejection is real and when it is […]

The difficulty of telling the difference between the Solid and the Fluid Thinkers

And how important is it, exactly?

I am the first to admit that separating the two thinker types is not exactly easy or clearcut. It is more like a degree of how Fluid or Solid you are. The level seems to change somewhat based on the group of people you’re currently with. All people turn somewhat Fluid in the company they […]

Why you should listen to advice that sounds so delicious you’re afraid of it

And why we tend to follow the worst advice

Advice is always given in order to guide others to a happier existence based on one’s own experience and beliefs. The trouble is, what makes you happy may be completely different to what makes me happy. Therefore, my advice is automatically good for only those who think like me. Because we all think that what […]

Getting on the same page with a Fluid Thinker runner or chaser

Top or bottom? Top or bottom?! Uh... Neither!

This is the one thing that I WISH someone had been able to tell me when I was 20. My life would have been so different had I known this. When a Fluid Thinker is convinced that they are “one” with you, it can be near impossible to make them see the world from your […]



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