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Revolution for the Generation X – Oppression still happens!

Listen, all you sexually frustrated angry middle aged men and women!

I have heard the word “revolution” too many times to count it lately. Us generation X folk are still hungry for it, I can feel it. Each generation leaves a philosophical mark in the society. Even though our generation has taught their children to be tolerant to sexual minorities, cleared the way to more gender […]

Here’s what makes men soft…


We live in a “gender equal time”, which, in all practicality means that men serve women, men have no rights, men must perform to a standard while women have no real responsibilities, only rights, and privileges. Among those privileges is the privilege of making a man into her sexual slave, while the man is stripped […]

Friday Personal: My non-Bisexuality

My spiritual awakening has happened alongside as I’ve uncovered my own authentic sexuality in such a way that they have been inseparable. One of the many topics that I needed to clarify and wade through in order to know myself as an authentic being was my possible bisexuality. The following may be a little difficult to follow.

Hypothesis: “I’m more spiritually evolved if I am the Twin Flame chaser” true or not?

There is a persistent, self-congratulating belief among the Twin Flames, that because you are the chaser, that makes you the enlightened one who hasn’t got commitment issues. That, obviously, is a dangerous generalization to make, anyone should see that without problems. While this is true in some cases, it is not true across the board, […]

The ideal female – by the Fluid Thinking standards and by the Solid Thinking standards

Fluid Thinking ideal female Main goal; being social, to fit in, to have a close-knit group of friends. The definitions for the ideal Fluid Thinker female vary a little bit from country-to-country and community-to-community, but here are some popular modern ideals that Western countries seem to largely agree on. Not concerned about her looks, but […]

Tweaking theories… Problem areas with the Fluid/Solid

Just pondering about the pending changes to my theories...

The Fluid Thinker – Solid Thinker differentiation is a good… Basic start. Digging deeper, and comparing it to one’s personal life though, it is a bit too broad to be 100% accurate. That is also kind of the beauty of it, because there is only the two cateogries, but… I’ve come to think that the […]

The Sexually Passive Female, feminism, and legalities

(And how men get into trouble)

Sometime in the history, the ideal woman was thought to be sexually completely passive. She was said to have no desires of her own, her only purpose was to pleasure the man. This was the ideal, until the women who are not sexually passive rebelled. Now, I am saying the sexually passive woman has to […]

Gender Bias Against Men

"Is this about them not being let to go out drinking every night...?"

We are all more than familiar with all the ways that women get mistreated and pushed aside… But nobody talks about the real gender bias, that MORE THAN OFTEN is about gender bias that goes AGAINST men. When two equal candidates are applying for the same job these days, the chances are that the vote […]

I’m making a habit out of defending hated men; Trump and the issues.

He looks vile. He sounds… vile at times. He’s crude, obnoxious, and on the nose. BUT. He is being severely underestimated intellectually speaking. He is not stupid. He has the problem of not being much of a crammer. He doesn’t memorize things, he doesn’t try to, because someone who has to control a lot of […]

Why I use the term “polygamy” over “polyamory”?

Despite the connotation to traditional religious polygamy...

Although I am aware that polyamorists prefer the term polyamory over the terms polygamy, polyandry, or polygyny, I prefer to use those three terms whenever I discuss a specific type of a poly-union. In my texts, I also often refer to “natural” so and so, to point out that I believe that the ideal relationship […]


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