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What happens after we die?

Take it from someone who has died a million deaths...

Some people remember their past lives, some people don’t, but it is quite certain we‘ve all lived countless of lives. Killing life is simply not possible. Everything living (and quite possibly everything non-living, too) has (or has had) a soul, lacking a better word for it. The reason why “a soul” is a bad term […]

Mirage Spirit problem: Forced equality

All men were not created equal, nor were the women. That is a fact that is sadly currently something people are not allowed to believe let alone notice, especially if they are the one who is superior. A Mirage Spirit is an Ancient Spirit, an extremely old and evolved soul, who is often a (talented […]

Great questions for Tarot

To go with your new-found reading skills

If you have never read Tarot before (or read with a book or out of memory) here is a 5-minute guide to tarot, and it works! Not all questions you ask of Tarot are equal. Some are really bad, like a lot of the timing questions: “When will this or that happen?” Tarot cannot give […]

The Biggest Want and Why It’s Eluding You

The Law of attraction works in the most irritating ways

The Law of Attraction isn’t about OUR wants alone. People around you want things for you and want you for themselves, and that can mean a major battle against the forces of the Universe (the collective consciousness of everyone who knows you) sometimes… Sometimes people who don’t even care for something get things so easy. […]

Heal the World by Loving the Strong

Love for sickness and weakness and suffering brings about more of the same

If you know the basics of the Law of Attraction, you know that the more energy (emotion, that is) you put into a thought, that creates more of the same. We do not need to study the Law of Attraction even, but if we understand that whatever people are loved for, we wish to be. […]

Become instantly sexier (to me) by subscribing to my mailing list

Some of the fields are there to give me an idea of what kind of people are interested in my blog and then, what kind of material should I focus on writing, others are there so I can pick when to let you know of anything specifically interesting to you. Email Address First Name Last […]

How different personality types react to each soulmate type

What is amazing to one thinker type is eww to the other!

What is amazing about true love, is that different types of people have a very different idea of what true love is. The normal romantic comedy, for instance, answers the Fluid Thinker Democrat female’s idea of the lovely feeling when they find a Partial Spirit Mirror connection to a Solid Thinker male who simply isn’t […]

Abusive and Toxic relationships

When is it True Mirror abuse and when is it not? Unfortunately this topic cannot be avoided. True Mirror Spirit relationships can look toxic on the surface, but sometimes what looks like True Mirror Spirit abuse isn’t such, and even if it is, it has to be dealt with. As a High Flyer, you probably […]

What is your definition of love?

Lust, ownership, "right", what is love?

Different people would define the word “love” very differently if they were given the task. Some people take it for something you do for another person (love is your actions) and some define it with the feeling that you feel toward another person (love is a feeling, independent of your actions)… And so many variations. How do you define love?

In the mind of a Twin Flame chaser

I’ve been talking to a lot of Twin Flame chasers, usually women who follow the commonly known Twin Flame advice written by women just like them. This is how the average conversation goes: TWC: I met my twin flame 3 years ago and since then they have started a relationship with this other woman… (the […]


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