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What’s the truth of it, I advised him… What’s my truth?

Sometimes the truth is we haven't got a clue.

The truth is, I am very good at what I do, the meat and bones of it… The stuff I know is brilliant. What I haven’t got a freaking clue about is how to bring it out to the masses, so that people GET IT. Nothing feels quite right… Nothing except the blog, but I […]

Solid Thinkers – Intro

Why the closed doors

I have decided to separate the two blog areas because the way one teaches a Fluid Thinker is very different to the way one guides a Solid Thinker. A Fluid Thinker will always want to adapt to the popular opinion, and they turn their coats at the first sign of being outnumbered for an opinion, […]

Let’s talk about the shittest current “strong female character” “Madison Clark”

She embodies everything that is wrong with women and feminism in one show!

This has been a running trend in film lately, the bad female characters that are supposed to inspire respect of men, women, and children alike. The character Madison Clark is the worst of the lot. The trouble is, most women couldn’t even define the meaning of respect, let alone command it. As a woman, I […]

Why I don’t let people in – a few words from a commitment phobic

There is no commitment phobic without a rejection junkie. Let’s start from there. I can feel it. Them – multiple women in spirit – trying to push their way “into my heart”. I feel how they want to make me submit to them, to make me their own. They feel they have the right to […]

When you become the player’s prize girl

He/she gets you, and loses interest

I read my archives of, my original website. Shooting back over 10 years ago, into a time when I was a rather popular blogger back in Finland. Without realizing, I was making myself into a trophy. I was building an image of a girl who was too picky for one’s own good. What this […]

“You’re not that good looking” and other facts of life

Why it's so hard to face the mirror sometimes

If you read the last post, you are on the right note for this one. If not, this might not make much sense. One of the many reasons why I didn’t want to say anything about what is happening with me is that I fear the “online bullies”, the fact that they have the power […]

So this Canadian guy contacts me out of nowhere on our up-coming nuptials…

In all my time, this is the most bizarre conversation I've ever had

A few days ago, I received a private message on Twitter saying something to the effect that he’s not great at pick up lines, so he’ll just start with a ‘hi’. Yeah, fair enough, we all tend to have that problem especially online after we hit 25. But the way he proceeds is very… self-assured. […]

“It’s their loss” and “they’re just jealous” -people

Don't listen to that, it's their own failure to accept such a thing as inequality of personal traits

At the risk of sounding he said she said, I’m going to have to say this. I am sick of hearing people deflect criticism by claiming “they’re just jealous” or “they say it because they are hurting inside” or “they don’t really mean it” and whatever it takes to lull someone back into the belief […]

I am afraid of showing people what I am

Because I fear they'd love me even more than they already do

OK, this sounds a bit weird considering I barely have friends at this stage (my spirit guides say it is to teach me not to push people away because I would wind up alone, which is funny because I’ve been pushing them away so they’d leave me alone but they refuse to leave my side […]

OMG the selfie-obsession! I know what it is! LOL

Russell Brand was talking about selfies the other day...

I love taking selfies. Or hate it, I’m not sure, but I’m rather obsessed with them, really. So when Russell Brand raised the question about narcissism and how we keep taking tons and tons of selfies… I felt a bit of a sting, really. Now… I like the way I look, but I also feel […]


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