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I need to stop teaching, preaching, and writing opinion pieces

And start writing about my emotional experiences... Other than anger and frustration, possibly.

Somehow, I need to start expressing my feelings. I explain my feelings a lot, I may describe them, but somehow, I still feel I do not. Something is not reaching its destination. I feel as soon as I even consider digging deep into the actual feelings and talking about them, my mother’s spirit flashes in […]


Repost from this moment in 2004 (on Nuno Bettencourt's birthday)

I wanted to repost this thing for two reasons. I questioned monogamy ironically just before I found my husband to be and got married for a while… I posted the original on Nuno Bettencourt’s birthday, today! 🙂 I am not sure if this is the only post on my old blog that I questioned monogamy, […]

Last night something happened that makes me care less

Trying to give people the credit they deserve, the love they deserve, and make them feel fantastic...

This was simply the straw that broke the camel’s back. I wrote a comment on Nuno Bettencourt’s Facebook post, lamenting on how I keep hearing him and Joe Perry play together and tried to describe the sound by comparing Nuno to something pristine and clean, and Joe to drunk, corrugated iron, and said that the contrast […]

Nuno Bettencourt’s Cover of Radiohead’s Creep is about the best thing you’ll ever hear

Let me explain to you why.

This man, Nuno Bettencourt, is the most beautiful soul you’ll ever see walk this Earth. He is not only a true idealist, an incredible musician, a superbly intelligent guy, he’s as handsome as men come, and this song is what he chose to tear one’s heart out. “Every now and again a song comes out […]

How to “keep it real” as a celebrity

An interesting ramble in bad need of editing.

You know how people are always judging you compared to what “normal people” are like trying to decide whether the fame has gotten to you or whether or not you’re still “a balanced individual”? Yeah that. “Oooo- they’ve been going out now for 6 months, don’t you think, Ethel, that they should be engaged by […]

What not to Say on Social Media

Common social media mistakes The Solid Thinkers may take to social media to instruct their fans on how to behave. (Justin, this is you!) They do this because they would never want to correct any specific person directly because that would be too direct and too confronting, but they approach the entire fan base thinking that the […]

If I was a celebrity, how would I handle my online presence

When you consult an IT specialists or online communications expert or a social media consultant, their first goal is to get as much money out of  your pockets into their pockets as they possibly can, right? That goal is going to change the way they communicate what you “need”, and their aim is to make […]

Talking to celebrities in spirit – The Connection

Slight name dropping

I have had the opportunity to talk to a huge number of amazing people on the spirit level. It is not immediately obvious that what you do is actually real, or what you are being told is real… But there has been some amazing hits that were, to me, mind-blowing, considering that only 5 or […]

Hollywood Vampires (Depp, Cooper and Perry) – serious?

OK. This is awkward. I love Depp. I love Perry. I only recently fell in love with Cooper. And still, I hesitate. And yes, I even love Depp on guitar, not just being a great actor, he’s got a nice sound to his guitar playing, very unique and recognizable, which is always a fantastic thing […]

Personal: My month as someone half cool

I have to put in a personal post now, I have been visiting home for the month and it has gotten off to a pretty heavy start. Less than 24 hours off the plane, I lost a friend over a guy well worth losing a friend for, then, I picked up a bug on the […]


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