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I write about NATURAL leanings towards different forms of polyamory. I do not discuss the morals or the philosophy of it, but our natural inclanations toward it - the animal instinct- and how the said morals and philosophies cause more harm than good sometimes.

These posts are intended to SUPPORT your natural instinct, not override it.

Naturally Polygynous Women Can Have A Hard Time Respecting Men and Their Views

This is a sign of a natural alignment, not a sin.

I know this sounds like finger-pointing, but it really is just a sign of a natural sexual alignment more specific than hetero, bi, or homosexuality. In addition, we also have countless of variations, among them the leaning towards different types of polyamory. In this case, polygyny means what most people know as “polygamy” which is […]

If your partner suggests polyamory and you feel you will lose him/her…

It is true this is often "a breakup light"... So what to do?

Now, I am a sound advocate of polyamory, don’t get me wrong. I am also an advocate for natural relationships, which means that I believe relationships should be allowed to breathe rather than held onto for dear life. So there are my prejudices, and here’s the rest of my 2 cents: I hear a lot […]

Why do some natural polygamists adjust well in monogamous society?

While other types have issues?

There are three main categories of polyamorous people. There is a ton of different ways to subcategorize and add to each, but the main types are Polygynous, Polygamous, and Polyandrous (plus gay variants that are somewhat confusing to us straight people, as many gay men resemble polygynous men, and a lot of gay women seem […]

The Missguide’s Intention has Become Clear…

And if I wasn't so angry, I might feel touched or flattered.

I have never really had a group of friends that I’ve felt that I’ve actually belonged in. I’ve had friends, people who I hang out with, but who I don’t really consider REAL friends. If had “best friends”, meaning the best people I’ve got on a scale out of the people who I know, without […]

Love is a sacrifice vs. Love is a bliss

The contradiction of values and how to solve it.

Sometimes even True Spirit Mirrors hold a different value in this area. One of them feels he or she needs to sacrifice something for his or her partner, and the other feels they want to give that person everything they want, and also receive everything they want from that person – they want love that […]

Your Ultimate Soulmate Relationship

If you haven’t chosen your exact group yet, I urge you to that you do that before reading (and reloading) this page, because I will be describing the ideal relationship type of each personality type and it’s going to be amazing with the group selections done correctly! Then again, if you are still unsure, what’s […]

Let the haters hate

How much of your "sexual deviation" has to do with bigotism?

Let me first tell you that I am “sexually deviant”. Namely, I am a romantic sadomasochist and a polyandrist, in Christian terms, a whore. I must tell you, that through to my spiritual journey through everything and everyone, everyone’s little secret thoughts, fears and fetishes, I must say that it does scare me a bit, […]

How we conform, and to what we conform?

Although we feel there are “non-conformists” in this world, the phrase is not exactly right. We all conform to some standard or expectation, and our thinker type determines what we conform to and for what reason. What is the motivation each one of us has for conforming. [membership level=”1″] As you have chosen the “hide […]

How I discovered polyandry

The stereotype is that monogamy is the spiritual form of love. I disagree, and so do many other polyamorists. The reason why people reject their polyamorous side is not spiritual, but habitual. We reject it believing we are hurting someone in a polyamorous relationship, whichever form of it you prefer. I was just as much […]

How to bag a bloke for a one-night stand in style

Things every young woman should know but no mom will ever tell you

Here are a few tips from a veteran boy’s toy to all of you young ladies who have been raised to think men are excited just to see a girl getting naked. There are men, and then there are gentlemen. While one might not care, both will appreciate these things. There are certain things you […]


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