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Sebs Rules for a Good Life

Master rule: maximize life enjoyment for all people, yourself included, but remember not all people enjoy the same things or feelings

You are supposed to enjoy your life Your life’s main goal is to simply enjoy it and allow others to enjoy theirs. Your task is to maximise your level of happiness and enjoyment while causing minimal discomfort, unhappiness, or loss of enjoyment to other people. As a member of your society, your main goal in […]

Your Ultimate Soulmate Relationship

If you haven’t chosen your exact group yet, I urge you to that you do that before reading (and reloading) this page, because I will be describing the ideal relationship type of each personality type and it’s going to be amazing with the group selections done correctly! Then again, if you are still unsure, what’s […]

A message from the Twin Flame goddesses

(A Twin Flame teacher wants to argue some points in spirit.)

Hello everyone.  I am Sam..?? (I am still unable to hear names, I’m sorry) I am S, who is subject to constant scrutiny in “here” (refers to  my spirit cycle) as supposedly, I am just a lonely old spinster who is hanging onto dear life to me this is nothing I wanted to say but […]

Tarot reading for me – the 3-way conflict stopping this

I swear my spirit guides are the dumbest in the world.

Okay. 3 influences. The girls are holding things into place before they let me go until we decide how we want things. I’m holding things in place because I don’t want the women involved. What I want to do is to make my way to my men despite the physical obstacles of being on the […]

What’s the truth of it, I advised him… What’s my truth?

Sometimes the truth is we haven't got a clue.

The truth is, I am very good at what I do, the meat and bones of it… The stuff I know is brilliant. What I haven’t got a freaking clue about is how to bring it out to the masses, so that people GET IT. Nothing feels quite right… Nothing except the blog, but I […]

The elephant in a dark room (Would you believe I hate complaining?)

Too big for words

Have you ever had the problem that you feel like nobody really knows you because there’s so much more to you than what you can expect any new person in your life to be interested in hearing? I wouldn’t be surprised if that was more than a common feeling for the great majority of people, […]

What if my True Mirror Spirit (Twin Flame) is a celebrity?

When you have barely met them or never met them at all...

One of the most confronting situations in the soulmate experience is when you realise that your relationship with a celebrity is something other than what is considered normal admiration of a famous person. You’ve passed your teen years and suddenly you become enthralled by a celebrity… Or you can’t stop being so way past the normal time frame

The fact Kit Harington was bullied to “take it back” is an example of sexisim against men!

"I will be a good little hunk and shut up"

Before we get to Kit Harington and his case, let me just start off with a personal example of what sexism against men. According to my shrink, I am schizophrenic or have an acute psychosis. Both such reassuring, trust-inducing conditions! (My own view is that I am psychic but that is irrelevant in this context.) […]

My Imaginary Boyfriends – aka. how do I communicate with my True Spirit Mirrors

What is "twin flame telepathy" and the like...

I’ve written a few generic posts about what is known as twin flame telepathy before. In this post, I thought I’d tell you how it works for me. I’m a little bit of a special case as I became psychic, so some things that happen to me are not relevant to all Twin Flames… Or […]

I’m Waiting For You, Despite of What it May Seem…

I know what I'm like with you in the spirit, is not what I am like in the physical.

I don’t really know if you are reading my blog or not. You, in spirit, tell me that you are, but I have no way to confirm that. I have statistics, but they tell very little about who is actually reading… I think you’ve been scared to death about browser cookies and NSA watchful eyes […]


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