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If your partner suggests polyamory and you feel you will lose him/her…

It is true this is often "a breakup light"... So what to do?

Now, I am a sound advocate of polyamory, don’t get me wrong. I am also an advocate for natural relationships, which means that I believe relationships should be allowed to breathe rather than held onto for dear life. So there are my prejudices, and here’s the rest of my 2 cents: I hear a lot […]

Personally speaking, I want a gentledom.

You know, a gentleman combined with a perverted male dom...

I have never been quite able to put my finger on it, until a conversation I had with a true gentleman. We had already been talking for a while, I’ve known him for a long time, but this was the first time our conversations slipped into the sexual area. We were sharing fantasies, and this […]

Fluid Thinker sexuality; “show me how, hold my hand, be there for me”

For those who are insecure about sexuality, a friend in need is a friend indeed

People tend to pretend to know how to do everything. They feel like they have to “act confident”. This makes it difficult for the Fluid Thinkers to find sex partners who would show them the ropes so to speak. Someone who would take their hand through it all, and help them through it. I was […]

Love is a sacrifice vs. Love is a bliss

The contradiction of values and how to solve it.

Sometimes even True Spirit Mirrors hold a different value in this area. One of them feels he or she needs to sacrifice something for his or her partner, and the other feels they want to give that person everything they want, and also receive everything they want from that person – they want love that […]

You Have Everything but Are Missing Something

Are you an ungrateful brat or a deeply feeling human being?

It is the biggest cliche in the world. You’ve got fame, fortune, everything that goes with it, (and you thank us all) but there’s still something missing. What is it that you are denying yourself even now? The right to complain because you’ve been lucky? Did they tell you you had to choose between fame […]

I just watched the unsettling scenes of Chris Lilley’s J’amie King

And made me wonder... Is J'amie really a bitch or has she been misrepresented?

For those of you who are unfamiliar with J’amie. Chris Lilley is an Australian comedian, a 40-something dude dressed up as a high school girl… And this is sooo, so so good. (You’ve gotta watch the entire Chris Lilley production, he is beyond brilliant… But here’s a taster…) Look, I know J’amie is a fictional […]

Sebs Rules for a Good Life

Master rule: maximize life enjoyment for all people, yourself included, but remember not all people enjoy the same things or feelings

You are supposed to enjoy your life Your life’s main goal is to simply enjoy it and allow others to enjoy theirs. Your task is to maximise your level of happiness and enjoyment while causing minimal discomfort, unhappiness, or loss of enjoyment to other people. As a member of your society, your main goal in […]

Being loved for who you are

How different thinker types feel about it

This is a Tailored Post. [membership level=”1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15″] What creates unity A Solid Thinker wants to be a part of a group and being loved for being in it just as much as a Fluid Thinker, but the reason they want to be included for is very different. A Fluid Thinker wants to belong into whatever […]

Confession of infidelity: a sign of trust or a breakup attempt?

Again one major difference between a Fluid Thinker and a Solid Thinker

When a Solid Thinker talks about their private life, they do not mean it is a specific sign of trust, more to the point, if they do not, that is a severe sign of mistrust. This often drives Solid Thinkers and Fluid Thinkers together, because the Fluid Thinker believes that the Solid Thinker confesses all […]

Erotica writing tips from a reader

Erotica… One would think it’s the easiest genre to write because everyone is into sex, so you should get that smut published in no time, right… But nothing could be further from the truth, I’d imagine. I mean… You get one word wrong and you ruin the whole thing. You lose the rhythm when you […]


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