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How “Unbreakable” is the True Mirror Personality bond?

The most true and permanent of connections isn't immune to problems

The True Mirror Personality connection is a connection based on the fact these two (or more) are exactly suited for each other. They love each other for their permanent, authentic true state, their optimal ideal way of existing. They love each other for the people they wish to be, themselves, more than who they appear […]

When people stir shit, who are you loyal to? Who do you trust?

When "a friend" takes to talking crap to you behind your Solid Mirror's back

I want you to make it very clear to yourself WHO you cannot afford to lose. Make it clear to yourself, where your loyalties lie, and then, LET NOTHING come between those people and tongue chimes¬† 1)A tongue chime, kielikello, a Finnish expression for a person who spread gossip, rumors, and talks shit behind people’s […]

What does it mean when someone defines themselves through a relationship?

In other words: Does the label define or describe you?

I had a fight with a friend once years ago. I remember her retorting to me: “I’ve never met ANYONE who defines themselves through a relationship as much as you do!” That comment struck me as a bizarre one, I didn’t think it was true, but it has been nagging at me ever since. What […]

“I don’t love you!” and what it means to a Fluid Thinker

They hear: "I don't know how to take care of you! I'm a subhuman!"

From the Solid Thinker‘s perspective, the Fluid Thinkers are insufferably narcissistic. To be fair, they feel the same way about us. (I’m a Solid Thinker, of course.) When you tell them that you don’t love them, they hear you say that you have an emotional issue that you don’t know how to fix, and you’re […]

The difficulty of telling the difference between the Solid and the Fluid Thinkers

And how important is it, exactly?

I am the first to admit that separating the two thinker types is not exactly easy or clearcut. It is more like a degree of how Fluid or Solid you are. The level seems to change somewhat based on the group of people you’re currently with. All people turn somewhat Fluid in the company they […]

Getting on the same page with a Fluid Thinker runner or chaser

Top or bottom? Top or bottom?! Uh... Neither!

This is the one thing that I WISH someone had been able to tell me when I was 20. My life would have been so different had I known this. When a Fluid Thinker is convinced that they are “one” with you, it can be near impossible to make them see the world from your […]

How to flush the unflushable girlfriend or boyfriend?

Dumping the impossible to dump just got possible

Some of the Fluid Thinkers test each other’s commitment by trying to push them away. They make it superbly hard for others to love them, and they believe that if you can push through this phase, you’re in. You’ve proven your loyalty and you can get everything you ever wanted from that person. You’ve won […]

About the Solid and Fluid Thinkers relationship ideals

Solid Thinkers should ALWAYS avoid relationships with Fluid Thinkers, unless 100% committed

The main difference between the Solid and Fluid Thinkers are what they value in a relationship. In essence, the Fluid Thinking ideal is: “I will never let you go no matter what!” (Greatest love is to never give up on a person no matter how much they fight back.) In contrast, the Solid Thinking ideal […]

Why do people hate you

There's two thinker types who hate each other - everyone of us has haters, here's why they hate you.

This is a lot to do with self-confidence, self-esteem, self-love, level/type of intelligence, and complexities of the personality, so there is a sense of scale here, rather than an on-off button. Mainly Fluid or mainly Solid is an option. The more complicated and unusual a person is, the more they go towards the Solid Thinking […]

Solid – Fluid Levels

As a teenager, how did you choose/define your identity? Master Solid Thinker – I know who I am all the way to the core -and I’m willing to learn more and grow.¬† (Knows who they are, knows how to avoid harmful people with class and without drama, knows what they want and what they are […]



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