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Why some people are obsessed about celebrity secrets?

The need to discover the hidden truth - failure to be perfect

I was sitting there, outside in the Australian spring Sun, with a canvas roof over my head to stop my upstairs neighbors from seeing right onto our deck, thinking, this is the only spot in my back yard where nobody can see. And I started thinking how exposed I feel in my apartment, as high […]

My Imaginary Boyfriends – aka. how do I communicate with my True Spirit Mirrors

What is "twin flame telepathy" and the like...

I’ve written a few generic posts about what is known as twin flame telepathy before. In this post, I thought I’d tell you how it works for me. I’m a little bit of a special case as I became psychic, so some things that happen to me are not relevant to all Twin Flames… Or […]

About Me and The Party

What am I talking about here?

I often make a reference to “my voices”, “hearing voices”, or “having conversations in spirit” with people’s soul-level consciousness. I refer to my favorite spirit companions as “the party that I wouldn’t end for anything”, or even “my imaginary boyfriends/friends”. As it is a bit of an awkward thing to explain, I use humoristic expressions […]

In The Crossfire of Expectations and the Real Me

The Midlife Crisis only hits the Dreamers.

I think every one of us is in a similar position to me to some extent, whether they are aware of it or not; people around them all have an opinion of what they should be for whoever is willing to take them on as a friend, or a family member project. “We will have […]

I love these reports of @IamStevenT being visible. We’re all lucky that he is. “Got to be good looking…” :D

(On gossip pages “ST spotted at… sighted at…” articles:) I love these reports of Steven Tyler being visible. We‘re all lucky that he is. “Got to be good looking ‘cos he’s so hard to see…” 😀

The eye’s on the ball but the player’s confused

I know what I want, but I don't know how

It is an incredibly weird feeling, being so focused and confused at the same time. I’ve got a pin point goal in life, I know EXACTLY where I’m going and where I fit, but maneuvering myself from here to there requires strategy, and quite frankly I’m the crappiest strategist in the world. I feel like I […]

Everyone with their arms elbow deep in your pockets

How to deal with relationships when everyone has an angle?

Celebrities are not really human. That is about the extent of thought most people put into their attitude towards someone famous. Because they feel this way about celebrities, the problems of celebrities become a matter of a dollar value. People around celebrities can easily view them as somewhat of a bundle of problems that aren’t […]

Memories of events that never took place

One of the saddest thing is that I remember things that my True Spirit Mirrors who were there, won't.

This is an interesting way of meeting people. You choose a location and you pretend like it’s real. And it becomes so real. Every author whose characters start telling their own story knows what I’m talking about; you are no longer the inventor of the story, you are the narrator; a skill in itself! You […]

The Correlation Between Self-confidence and IQ

And IQ and grades

School grades are notoriously not a direct indicator of a person’s IQ score. Many highly intelligent people also say that the IQ scores do not reflect their intelligence directly because it measures only a certain type of intelligence, although it would correlate to some extent, certainly better than school grades. However, I found another interesting measure […]

LOA: We create what we fear

Your spirit guides may mix fear with profound hope

The Law of Attraction doesn’t actually work as a force of the Universe. Neither does prayer. What happens, is that people who care about us, or who feel a debt of gratitude towards us because we‘ve helped them before, may feel the need to make your dreams come true, and to protect you from harm […]


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