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Tarot: Brad Pitt felt he had to marry Angelina Jolie to “grow up”

Jennifer Aniston was simply too much fun and games, he thought

Brad Pitt was in love with Jennifer Aniston. We can all see that. They were GOOD together. They were SWEET. They were so cute, so loving, so easy with each other… They were Truly TRULY in love. I am going to spill the beans on this because I’ve never liked Angie, and I don’t care. […]

About Me and The Party

What am I talking about here?

I often make a reference to “my voices”, “hearing voices”, or “having conversations in spirit” with people’s soul-level consciousness. I refer to my favorite spirit companions as “the party that I wouldn’t end for anything”, or even “my imaginary boyfriends/friends”. As it is a bit of an awkward thing to explain, I use humoristic expressions […]

What happens after we die?

Take it from someone who has died a million deaths...

Some people remember their past lives, some people don’t, but it is quite certain we‘ve all lived countless of lives. Killing life is simply not possible. Everything living (and quite possibly everything non-living, too) has (or has had) a soul, lacking a better word for it. The reason why “a soul” is a bad term […]

Let’s see if I can repeat it – this time, Skid Row

You know that Tarot reading for Axl and Slash... Well...

Now I don’t MEAN to take credit for bringing Guns N’ Roses back together again, but damned there were some eerie coincidences here and there, so let’s see what happens if I do the same with Skid Row. I had a sketchy idea of what the Gunners feud was all about, to begin with, and […]

Touching base; some more Tarot for Guns n’ Roses

I have done two tarot readings for Axl and Slash before, and the last times I did them, they were very much centred to Axl and Slash alone, but now that I read them back, I felt clearly, that there was the rest of the band very much present, and that it all involved them […]

What if I am famous with an unknown (non-present) Twin Flame (True Mirror Spirit)

Previously I blogged about the situation when someone feels a celebrity is their soulmate (Twin Flame/ Soul). I thought I should re-visit this and write about the other foot; the celebrity with an unknown Twin Flame who they are in telepathic connection with but haven’t met in person. (I’ll use the Twin Flame terminology instead […]

The One-Sided “Twin Flame” bond

One of those dreaded topics… This is the only form of “a false Twin” there is. I always keep telling you that if you feel the love and it’s returned, then it’s a Twin Flame bond, but I must say that I have found an instance of Twin Flames that do go one way only. […]

What is and how to have a sexy personality?

A question made for Quora. :D

“If you often fuck someone intelligent with a great personality, at which point does that become substance abuse?” I said that. Did you get that? Got it, got it? :p If not, perhaps you need to read this article carefully. 😉 Depending on who you ask, what is defined as a sexy personality varies a […]

Mature True Spirit Mirror

How could I possibly do enough justice to this soul connection? Every superlative in my use will fail to describe what this connection is about, and there is not one word that would exaggerate it or over-sell it. Every couple or group that has ever reached the full maturity of a True Spirit Mirror connection […]

How To Read Tarot Without Memorizing The Cards

This is one of the most valuable clues I have ever received from the spirit world. It is so powerful, that I want you all to know it: You do not need to know what the Tarot cards mean to read them; their symbolism should speak to you, and you alone – what someone else […]


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