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Getting a crowd on your side

From speeches to parties

Let me tell you first, I am sooo bad at this still, I get far too emotional and argumentative, and that is my personal problem. When I am in my meditative state though, or when I advise SOMEONE ELSE, I know exactly how to do this to an effect. I already made a mistake by […]

Tarot reading for me – the 3-way conflict stopping this

I swear my spirit guides are the dumbest in the world.

Okay. 3 influences. The girls are holding things into place before they let me go until we decide how we want things. I’m holding things in place because I don’t want the women involved. What I want to do is to make my way to my men despite the physical obstacles of being on the […]

A message from the Twin Flame goddesses

(A Twin Flame teacher wants to argue some points in spirit.)

Hello everyone.  I am Sam..?? (I am still unable to hear names, I’m sorry) I am S, who is subject to constant scrutiny in “here” (refers to  my spirit cycle) as supposedly, I am just a lonely old spinster who is hanging onto dear life to me this is nothing I wanted to say but […]

We have reservations; this is not a first come first serve type a place!

Why some people have trouble opening up to other people

You know they’ve got the most beautiful smile when they flash it at the right person. They are warm, welcoming, and loving, but yet, all of the sudden, they turn cold, withdrawn, and they seem like this place is the last place on Earth they’d want to be seen at. Why? Sometimes, people who everyone love […]

What if my True Mirror Spirit (Twin Flame) is a celebrity?

When you have barely met them or never met them at all...

One of the most confronting situations in the soulmate experience is when you realise that your relationship with a celebrity is something other than what is considered normal admiration of a famous person. You’ve passed your teen years and suddenly you become enthralled by a celebrity… Or you can’t stop being so way past the normal time frame

Why some people are obsessed about celebrity secrets?

The need to discover the hidden truth - failure to be perfect

I was sitting there, outside in the Australian spring Sun, with a canvas roof over my head to stop my upstairs neighbors from seeing right onto our deck, thinking, this is the only spot in my back yard where nobody can see. And I started thinking how exposed I feel in my apartment, as high […]

My conflict with “looking for others” and “waiting for the right ones”

Let's just clear something up, shall we??

This, most likely, makes no sense to the men on the ground and is more relevant to the ghosts of the living men I am surrounded by. It simply seems to sink in better if I write it down. The way I see it, it’s just me entertaining myself while I wait for my guys […]

My Imaginary Boyfriends – aka. how do I communicate with my True Spirit Mirrors

What is "twin flame telepathy" and the like...

I’ve written a few generic posts about what is known as twin flame telepathy before. In this post, I thought I’d tell you how it works for me. I’m a little bit of a special case as I became psychic, so some things that happen to me are not relevant to all Twin Flames… Or […]

About Me and The Party

What am I talking about here?

I often make a reference to “my voices”, “hearing voices”, or “having conversations in spirit” with people’s soul-level consciousness. I refer to my favorite spirit companions as “the party that I wouldn’t end for anything”, or even “my imaginary boyfriends/friends”. As it is a bit of an awkward thing to explain, I use humoristic expressions […]

What do women want, and which woman to listen to?!

How to figure out different kinds of women

There is one good rule of thumb to follow whenever dealing with people: We‘re all different. Anyone who speaks for all women or all men are going to be wrong more often than they are right. It is impossible to figure out what women want, because all women want a different thing, just like all […]


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