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Ambition: Keeping other people from blocking your way

The best you can

There are plenty of reasons why people would want to block your way to success. They are mainly selfish, sometimes disguised in love and care. These work both in normal human interaction level and spiritually, negatively through the Law of Attraction. Here are some tips on how to keep your family and “friends” from blocking […]

You Have Everything but Are Missing Something

Are you an ungrateful brat or a deeply feeling human being?

It is the biggest cliche in the world. You’ve got fame, fortune, everything that goes with it, (and you thank us all) but there’s still something missing. What is it that you are denying yourself even now? The right to complain because you’ve been lucky? Did they tell you you had to choose between fame […]

On seeking pleasure and the concept of self-sacrifice

Why some people wish to stop other people from seeking pleasure

  George Bernard Shaw once said: “A government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always count on the support of Paul.” Keep this quote in mind as I continue. Seeking Pleasure In addition to our many religions, most all self-development principles promote the idea of self-sacrifice, non-indulgence, and modesty. Many ideals seek to steer […]

My past life with Johnny Depp’s previous incarnation Carl Jung

When Michael Jackson died, a number of his “twin flames” came crawling out of the woodworks. They published books claiming to be his “twin flame” describing their spiritual connection to this man. Now, even though I don’t think they are lying, (just mistaken about the concept,) I thought: “That is easy to say now that […]

A description of the classic Twin Flame reunion

This is more a fairy tale than an actual fact... But it's still true enough to be amazing.

What New Age teachings usually describe as twin soul/twin flame relationship, I┬ácall a classic twin flame reunion, that I consider being a little too much of a cookie cutter idea of how it goes to actually fit many people’s real experience of it. It needs a definition because it is not the only kind, but […]

Kryptonite Personality Mirror

The Kryptonite Personality Mirror gets it’s name from the story of Superman, and how a crystal found on his home planet would, in close contact, remove his strength and make him just a normal man. This is the effect of a Kryptonite Personality Mirror. Just like in the case of Superman, most often this “crystal” […]

Essential Law of Attraction in One Article

The Law of Attraction could be described as the law of creating one’s own life. It is not exactly about attracting what you want, but more attracting what interests you, enthralls you or shows you who you truly are. It is not difficult, all of us do it without thinking all the time, and one […]



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