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The term "True Spirit Mirror" refers to a true soulmate, the ultimate sexual and romantic soul connection. It refers to the height of all heights, the most awe-striking of all soul connectionsed

It develops in stages through our lifetimes from Uncharted, Potential, Growing, to Mature. (Inflamed/Interrupted stages also exist.)

Is this an OBSESSION or are you IN LOVE?

A fear of losing out creates an obsession

In this article, I’ll compare an obsession over a person to feeling absolute love and devotion and true love for a person.┬áThis can also be applied to other obsessions/love like toward your work or hobbies. This would be primarily comparing a one-sided Mirage Spirit soulmate type obsession to the mutual love of a True Spirit […]

Love is a sacrifice vs. Love is a bliss

The contradiction of values and how to solve it.

Sometimes even True Spirit Mirrors hold a different value in this area. One of them feels he or she needs to sacrifice something for his or her partner, and the other feels they want to give that person everything they want, and also receive everything they want from that person – they want love that […]

If you feel love is a sacrifice, you’ll wind up sacrificing your true love for the second one, because there is no sacrifice with the true one. Well Done.

If you feel love is a sacrifice, you’ll wind up sacrificing your true love for the second one, because there is no sacrifice with the true one. Well Done.

You Have Everything but Are Missing Something

Are you an ungrateful brat or a deeply feeling human being?

It is the biggest cliche in the world. You’ve got fame, fortune, everything that goes with it, (and you thank us all) but there’s still something missing. What is it that you are denying yourself even now? The right to complain because you’ve been lucky? Did they tell you you had to choose between fame […]

Sebs Rules for a Good Life

Master rule: maximize life enjoyment for all people, yourself included, but remember not all people enjoy the same things or feelings

You are supposed to enjoy your life Your life’s main goal is to simply enjoy it and allow others to enjoy theirs. Your task is to maximise your level of happiness and enjoyment while causing minimal discomfort, unhappiness, or loss of enjoyment to other people. As a member of your society, your main goal in […]

Being loved for who you are

How different thinker types feel about it

This is a Tailored Post. [membership level=”1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15″] What creates unity A Solid Thinker wants to be a part of a group and being loved for being in it just as much as a Fluid Thinker, but the reason they want to be included for is very different. A Fluid Thinker wants to belong into whatever […]

Confession of infidelity: a sign of trust or a breakup attempt?

Again one major difference between a Fluid Thinker and a Solid Thinker

When a Solid Thinker talks about their private life, they do not mean it is a specific sign of trust, more to the point, if they do not, that is a severe sign of mistrust. This often drives Solid Thinkers and Fluid Thinkers together, because the Fluid Thinker believes that the Solid Thinker confesses all […]

Do you want to hurt your Twin Flame for not wanting you?

One of the most insisting reasons why letting go is so difficult is the wish to make the other feel like shit, too. They had the gall to reject you, and now, you want to show them a) What they missed out on (because you’re fucking awesome and they’d better know it) b) make them […]

Forceful separation from a True Love can be extremely traumatic

People also should not be pressured into "moving on"

Free Spirit Theories

As I expanded my studies into soulmates, I found that more and more I had to start connecting with other spiritual concepts and the physical reality that we exist in, to fully explain why some people feel an instant connection to one another, while others are clearly strangers. One question led to another, and I […]


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