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The term "Twin Flame" belongs to another, more widely known New Age theory that is discussing the same phenomenon as some of the Personality Mirror Soulmate Typology's terms. The PMST makes a clearer difference between types of Twin Flames and explains the origin of the bond differently.

Check here for details.

Love is a sacrifice vs. Love is a bliss

The contradiction of values and how to solve it.

Sometimes even True Spirit Mirrors hold a different value in this area. One of them feels he or she needs to sacrifice something for his or her partner, and the other feels they want to give that person everything they want, and also receive everything they want from that person – they want love that […]

Confession of infidelity: a sign of trust or a breakup attempt?

Again one major difference between a Fluid Thinker and a Solid Thinker

When a Solid Thinker talks about their private life, they do not mean it is a specific sign of trust, more to the point, if they do not, that is a severe sign of mistrust. This often drives Solid Thinkers and Fluid Thinkers together, because the Fluid Thinker believes that the Solid Thinker confesses all […]

Do you want to hurt your Twin Flame for not wanting you?

One of the most insisting reasons why letting go is so difficult is the wish to make the other feel like shit, too. They had the gall to reject you, and now, you want to show them a) What they missed out on (because you’re fucking awesome and they’d better know it) b) make them […]

Flirt Chicken played the Fluid Thinking way and the Solid Thinking way

  Fluid Thinkers and Solid Thinkers flirt slightly differently. Even when they play Flirt Chicken – I just made that up, tell me if there’s an actual term for this – a game with the purpose of challenging the other to a game of flirt, they go about it slightly differently. Solid Thinkers will feel […]

Free Spirit Theories

As I expanded my studies into soulmates, I found that more and more I had to start connecting with other spiritual concepts and the physical reality that we exist in, to fully explain why some people feel an instant connection to one another, while others are clearly strangers. One question led to another, and I […]

If you want guidance, let your guide guide you

Stop forcing them to tell you what you want to hear

In order to learn from someone else, you have to first let go of your own idea of what your teacher should tell you. If you want to put words in your teachers mouth, you might as well not ask them anything. As a love coach, particularly with Twin Flames, I sometimes get the feeling […]

How to break an unwanted soulmate bond?

Something I get asked a lot...

In the vast majority of cases, people who come to me wishing to break a Twin Flame bond are actually talking about one of the less perfect bonds, that are, ironically, often much stronger than the True Spirit Mirror bond that breaks at the first sign of trouble. The most difficult bond to break is […]

Give up your need to be with your Twin Flame, and then…

This has absolutely nothing to do with “magic” or “spirituality” in the sense that if you do this the desired event will magically appear. This has to do with simple human psychology, the way we sense each other and each other’s needs and wants. I am going to tell you to give up your expectations […]

How to learn to deal with rejection

Rejection is never pleasant, but there are ways to deal with it that makes it easier to take. This is not to ignore what happened, deny one’s own part of what happened, but to understand what rejection is and isn’t about. Rejection doesn’t mean you are a bad, unlovable, undesirable person. Rejection simply means you […]

Many things have fallen into place in a short time span with my True Spirit Mirrors

As you know, I am constantly connected to a whole heap of people, most importantly, my True Spirit Mirrors. In the last few days or a couple of weeks, a few major realizations has followed the other, releasing one lock after the other, something that… shouldn’t have even been there, really… Considering. The fact that […]


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