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Why finding a willing girlfriend is so hard..?

Have you noticed how easy it is to do stuff you don't give a shit about?

In general, have you noticed how easily you master things you don’t really care about? Stuff that doesn’t matter? You simply breeze through stuff you have no real interest in. You’re good at things you don’t care about, right? The more you want it, the better you believe you are or will be at it, […]

About Profile Fields: Commitment or a Passionate Romance?

This is the most important profile field to fill up

This is important in all areas of life. People think differently, and this is one of the BIGGEST pitfalls you can get into or avoid in ALL of your relationships. You can sink your business if you hire the wrong people with the wrong kind of a contract, or you can make your ship fly… […]

In the mind of the pervos who pay you for “a sexy chat” on Instagram and the like

This was interesting, too

Yesterday I blogged about that guy who essentially proposed to me on the second message he sent me, very bizarre, offering me some material for my studies without realizing. Today, I’ve got another color of crazy for you. This time, in the form of a man who approached me on Instagram promising me 5000 dollars […]

I am, primarily, (just) a rock fan.

Everything else that I am, is an addon package

For some reason, today started with the concept of ‘labels’. When I was 13 or 14, I fell into the predicament of having to change alignment from who I thought I was to who I realized I was. I had always been thought of as the quiet girl, the well-behaved one (I got a couple of […]

What if I am famous with an unknown (non-present) Twin Flame (True Mirror Spirit)

Previously I blogged about the situation when someone feels a celebrity is their soulmate (Twin Flame/ Soul). I thought I should re-visit this and write about the other foot; the celebrity with an unknown Twin Flame who they are in telepathic connection with but haven’t met in person. (I’ll use the Twin Flame terminology instead […]

What is and how to have a sexy personality?

A question made for Quora. :D

“If you often fuck someone intelligent with a great personality, at which point does that become substance abuse?” I said that. Did you get that? Got it, got it? :p If not, perhaps you need to read this article carefully. 😉 Depending on who you ask, what is defined as a sexy personality varies a […]

Mature True Spirit Mirror

How could I possibly do enough justice to this soul connection? Every superlative in my use will fail to describe what this connection is about, and there is not one word that would exaggerate it or over-sell it. Every couple or group that has ever reached the full maturity of a True Spirit Mirror connection […]

What a spiritual teacher recommends for celebrity love life

Every girl in the mass of fans are all in tears for their love for you screaming your name. Their emotions are running high and the energy could be cut with a knife. Every second Twitter message says the same thing: I love you, I love you, I love you! Don’t worry, this is not […]

Great questions for Tarot

To go with your new-found reading skills

If you have never read Tarot before (or read with a book or out of memory) here is a 5-minute guide to tarot, and it works! Not all questions you ask of Tarot are equal. Some are really bad, like a lot of the timing questions: “When will this or that happen?” Tarot cannot give […]


You beautiful...

Some of you might have been playing with her. You might know exactly how exquisite her accessories were, how delicate and well-made and durable at the same time.  The first Barbie was introduced at the toy fare in 1959, as a type of a 3D paper doll. Her creator, a toy manufacturer Ruth Handler observed […]


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