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Sebs Rules for a Good Life

Master rule: maximize life enjoyment for all people, yourself included, but remember not all people enjoy the same things or feelings

You are supposed to enjoy your life Your life’s main goal is to simply enjoy it and allow others to enjoy theirs. Your task is to maximise your level of happiness and enjoyment while causing minimal discomfort, unhappiness, or loss of enjoyment to other people. As a member of your society, your main goal in […]

How we conform, and to what we conform?

Although we feel there are “non-conformists” in this world, the phrase is not exactly right. We all conform to some standard or expectation, and our thinker type determines what we conform to and for what reason. What is the motivation each one of us has for conforming. [membership level=”1″] As you have chosen the “hide […]

Social media over-hyping and undermining high quality web

Why social media is killing the Internet and why every blogger hates it

In the dawn of times that matter to me, ie. when I first got online in 1998 and my life took a sudden upward swing in all things awesome, everything online was still fun and games and the big businesses were trying to wrap their heads around what to do with the damned thing. Still, […]

The break from a Fluid Thinker to a Solid Thinker

High achieving Fluid Thinker, and the point where it becomes too easy

Across lifetimes, we tend to do the same thing over and over until we ace it. Once we become the best we can be at a certain craft, and in Fluid Thinking world, for women, that is being a mother and a wife, and then, a successful business woman on the side, after you do […]

Why do Fluid Thinkers get stuck on one thought that they can’t shake?

You've written 5 books, but they keep coming back to a sentence you wrote 12 years ago

As I start writing this, I have no idea what the answer is going to be. Sort of ┬álike I write most of my posts. It is simply a question that needs answering, and I’ve got the background information to figure this out. I will write out my thought process, just to give you an […]

How do you know if a rejection is real or a game?

Are they seriously telling you to go away or is this a bait?

There are people who toy with the people who they are interested in. They play games of all sorts, test their intended, challenge them, irritate them, try to push them away just to see if they’d call their bluff. It may be truly difficult to tell when a rejection is real and when it is […]

Why I’m Not Getting What I Want On My Way To Getting It

The Law of Attraction Labyrinth

This Universe is created onto a perfect balance. This is both the curse and the blessing of it, it is the perfection and the imperfection. It is both the question and the answer. It is the annoyance and the excitement. The prison and the liberation. All of it at once. All it is meant for […]

I am aware that men do not find it attractive when a woman attacks another woman

However... SOMEONE needs to say something, and I volunteer

The kind of men who I love are chivalrous. They are mild-mannered, beautiful people, who have respect for others. They self-sacrifice before they cause any discomfort to another person. I once was similar to them. I was driven into a corner in a situation that I couldn’t predict and I changed a bit. I can […]

Sexually willing females and the myth of their non-existence

The frustration of not being able to run the streets naked in order to get a proper root

I must tell you something, dear men. Sexually willing females are not a myth invented by the porn industry. We DO exist. Here’s the dilemma: There are women who are deathly afraid of men and their “power”. These are the same women who insist men are threatened by “feminine power” and “strong women”. I believe […]

About the Solid and Fluid Thinkers relationship ideals

Solid Thinkers should ALWAYS avoid relationships with Fluid Thinkers, unless 100% committed

The main difference between the Solid and Fluid Thinkers are what they value in a relationship. In essence, the Fluid Thinking ideal is: “I will never let you go no matter what!” (Greatest love is to never give up on a person no matter how much they fight back.) In contrast, the Solid Thinking ideal […]


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