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A rock fan. A thinker. A psychic empath and a channel, a Tarot reader. A single polyandrist looking; The lover of men, kings, and gods. An eternal romance analyzer.  A romantic pervert. Generation X Rebel. A psycho-spiritual life coach.

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Solid Mirrors

The non-compromising soulmates (1st and 2nd Tier)

The Solid Spirit Mirrors refer to the highest soulmate connections that are available for Solid Thinkers only. (Fluid Thinkers think this is rubbish.) This category includes both your absolute best non-sexual friends and your ultimate lovers. Notably, a connection made through the third eye, “I GET you!”, with the 2nd tier differing in one small aspect from the 1st Tier, one aspect that is different in all connections.

True Spirit Mirror (Solid Mirrors)

How Solid Thinkers fall in love

The True Spirit Mirror (equivalent to the most awe-striking descriptions of the Twin Flame theories, some theoretical differences aside) is the ultimate soul connection. The love at first sight, the “us against the world”, the “together forever” -type. This soulmate type defies all logic, doesn’t fit the norm, is completely sexual and spiritual at the same time. It includes all chakra connections, notably the 3rd eye in addition to all others, and all areas of life in one person. Complete unison. Must be developed and “tried”, though, doesn’t exist out of the box. This may have already been done over previous lifetimes.

Often regarded or abandoned as “Too good to be true” “Passion like that won’t last forever”, or “nobody is REALLY that perfect.” Sense of being deceived or taken for a fool, fear of being too gullible, all of these feelings is a threat to this connection.

True Spirit Mirror relationship stages

1st Tier Solid Personality Mirrors

Complete, ultimate, ideal, romantic, sexual lovers with millennia of history, connection tried and tested, broken, fixed, broken again… Mature True Spirit Mirror (old, fully developed connection) Imagine Italy, the land of Amore, and the mature aged couple, surrounded by adoring children and family members, who admire this older couple for their flaming love that has endured unchanged […]

Growing True Spirit Mirror

The Growing state True Spirit Mirror relationship is in a delicate phase. This is a phase that should never be hurried, but as the modern society is so “open minded”, “grown up” and “free”, the True Spirit Mirror relationship is rarely given enough time to mature into the full power it possesses. While True Spirit […]

Uncharted True Spirit Mirror

A perfectly right stranger

The Uncharted True Spirit Mirror is an interesting thing to meet, and also, quite rare. They are a person who you do not have a past life history with, but with whom you have made life choices so similar that you have become each other’s perfect match. This gets particularly eerie amongst highly developed ancient […]

Inflamed Bosom Spirit Mirror

When best friends turn bad

What normally comes in between great friends is another man or a woman, but that scenario is more likely to be about Hidden True Spirit Mirrors, or Hidden True Lover as I sometimes call them. In this case, the rift is something other than a mutual lover. Actual Bosom Spirit Mirrors do not share the […]

Hidden True Lover

Jokingly: "If you suck your friend off, it doesn't mean you're gay -Mirror Spirit"

Hidden True Lovers are, are in reality, full blown True Spirit Mirrors, but you might have always thought of them as your best friend, as in a Messiah Spirit Mirror. Now, this connection is interesting because in its core is sexuality, but since this is a connection that should be non-sexual by society’s standards, the sexuality […]

2nd Tier Solid Spirit Mirrors

The So Near Perfect Spirit Mirror, that they are breathing down the neck of a 1st Tier Solid Spirit Mirror

The 2nd Tier Exact Personality Mirrors, in relation to you, are people who deep down want you to be completely happy, and who you want to be completely happy, although in an ego state, fear of losing them may cause AWFUL fights and struggles between them. Everything that they want to be and become supports […]

The Bosom Spirit Mirror (Solid Thinkers)

(Non-sexual) Liberator of your authentic self. ;)

As we go through our lives, we get people telling us what to do and who to be, what to think and how to go about thinking that. The more Partial Personality Mirrors we have in our lives, the more we have to adjust and adapt to the way they want us to be, and […]

Sexual Bosom Spirit Mirror

(Jokingly the Marvin Gaye or Dr. Ruth Spirit Mirror, because they give you sexual healing...)

New Definition coming up sooon. I really need a snooze. This connection is not to be confused with the Star Stud Spirit Mirror that describes an individual rather than a connection… The most important thing to understand about the Sexual Bosom Spirit Mirror is that this connection is not meant to lead into a permanent relationship. […]


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