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2nd Tier Solid Spirit Mirrors

The So Near Perfect Spirit Mirror, that they are breathing down the neck of a 1st Tier Solid Spirit Mirror

The 2nd Tier Exact Personality Mirrors, in relation to you, are people who deep down want you to be completely happy, and who you want to be completely happy, although in an ego state, fear of losing them may cause AWFUL fights and struggles between them. Everything that they want to be and become supports who you are and want to become (naturally) but they are NOT your first, ultimate lover with whom you’d spend the rest of your lifetimes in complete happiness. In other words, their perfect place in your life is perhaps your family member, your best friend or your most amazing work colleague, but they should not be forced into a committed relationship with you because they do not belong to you… This also applies to your children who are often 2nd Tier Exact Personality Mirrors to their parents. These people are “borrowed”, you’ll have them in your life for the time being, but their ultimate, real place is somewhere else.

The difference, thus, to the 1st Tier Exact Personality Mirrors is that your ultimate fantasy lifestyle isn’t exactly the same like it is with 1st Tier Exact Personality Mirrors. You might be very close to it, let’s say you both love the ocean, but where you would love to live on board a cruise ship, they would rather live on a sailing boat. The difference could also be a difference in true ideal relationship type, one of you wants a polygynous relationship (one man, several wives) and the other a group marriage (several spouses of each gender) – perhaps.

Characteristic to 2nd Tier Exact Personality Mirrors is the unconditional love, the non-possessive nature of this connection (although this requires a balanced, healthy psychology from both or all partners) as once you let go of them, you’ll understand, quite without trouble, that they would be happier with someone else, and since you do love them, you will let them go with ease. The same is true with 1st Tier Exact Personality Mirrors, only that when you let go of them, they are likely to return, and you will return to them, because you realize you are required for each of you to reach perfect happiness.

The difference between a 2nd Tier Exact and a 1st Tier Exact Spirit Mirror is simply a decision; do they both want to make this work or does one of them need their freedom back?

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