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Growing True Spirit Mirror

The Growing state True Spirit Mirror relationship is in a delicate phase. This is a phase that should never be hurried, but as the modern society is so “open minded”, “grown up” and “free”, the True Spirit Mirror relationship is rarely given enough time to mature into the full power it possesses. While True Spirit Mirrors are in the Growing phase of their relationship, the relationship should be kept well away from the public eye and other people; including friends and family. Men usually have more patience for the growing phase, and even stereotypically resist meeting friends, let alone family in this phase, just as the couple should not. This is a phase where the bonding is completed, and hurrying to meet other people is nothing but a function of an uncertain ego and fear of being taken advantage of (the relationship is very sexual) or taken for granted on her part. The reason why so many True Spirit Mirrors meet at a time when one or both are married or engaged (judging by my conversations with such people) is that the souls try to subconsciously arrange a time and place where they cannot hurry the relationship before it is fully matured and ready to be shown to the world. An extramarital affair or having an official partnership (with a Partial Spirit Mirror) is a good anchor that will force the pair to keep their relationship away from other people for the time being.

Another great way to mature a True Spirit Mirror bond is through telepathy, and that, certainly is done out of sight of others, but can also include others on the spirit level, and the objection to this relationship maybe fierce from other people’s perspective, even on the soul level for a variety of reasons. It is to be noted, that the True Spirit Mirror bond is so profoundly sexual (with that meaning that it is not spiritual or love-based) is unnerving for the friends and family to accept, and as such, they push the couple to interrupt the development before it reaches maturity.

When the bonding between True Spirit Mirrors is left incomplete, they will not be capable of handling the pressures of the outside world on their relationship, because their insecurities about each other have not been tended to yet. Every blow that they will face as a couple will cause a rupture and the smartest of souls arrange a separation at this stage before they hurt each other so much that they, instead of maturing will drive each other into the Inflamed State of True Spirit Mirrors. When the relationship gets inflamed, it will, obviously, take a lot longer to heal what it would if the pair would separate to a state of non-contact, where they cannot do more damage to the relationship as has already been done.

Ideally, the relationship between True Spirit Mirrors would be a romantic and loving affair that would progress from boy meets girl to boy gets the girl without drama or heartache. The couple would meet, they would look each other in the eye, and depending on what stage they left things in a previous life they would either get to know one another or they would know instantly who the other one is. A couple who left things in a good standing would walk to each other in complete trust and love, they would not see any other way to do things. Their love for each other would be immediate and they would simply pick up where they left off in a previous life. They would start a natural conversation, they would wonder how we know each other, they would laugh about it, then they would tell each other that they feel like they’ve known each other forever, and they would slowly and calmly resume the relationship as it was before. Ideally, the growing state would only last for a few months when they would finally emerge as a couple as if they’d always been together. Their “coming out” would be non-eventful, it is self-explanatory, it is unquestioned. Nobody else has an opinion about them that they would need to hear, this is a relationship that exists between these two people and no one else, and there are no other people that need to be involved in the process of them joining their lives together.

This rarely happens, but external factors push the relationship into the Interrupted State.

The True Spirit Mirror relationship is in the growing state for as long as the pair or tribe is in speaking terms or in some kind of a contact, telepathic connection included.


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