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Hidden True Lover

Jokingly: "If you suck your friend off, it doesn't mean you're gay -Mirror Spirit"

Hidden True Lovers are, are in reality, full blown True Spirit Mirrors, but you might have always thought of them as your best friend, as in a Messiah Spirit Mirror. Now, this connection is interesting because in its core is sexuality, but since this is a connection that should be non-sexual by society’s standards, the sexuality is in hiding and somewhat obscured. When the sexual feelings emerge, especially between men, this can cause an interesting amount of battle and conflict. The most common type of Hidden True Lovers is a pair of same gender friends who should share a sexual partner. When these friends are forced into monogamy, the other one ALWAYS feels he is being rejected, he is being shut out of a relationship he or she instinctively knows they belong into. It is unnatural for these kinds of friends to not be in bed together, to not share a sexual partner of the opposite gender, and, essentially, it is unnatural of them to be separated in any way. They belong together.

It is very, extremely common, for Hidden True Lovers to be working closely together and forming a volatile creative partnership, BUT the same kind of to-and-fro can occur between Messiah Mirrors, too. The key difference is that how natural would it be for you to share a partner, a bed or a life together if society would approve? Hidden True Lovers often refer their partnership as “a marriage” even if it wasn’t such, and they may joke about “my wife” or “my husband” or “the significant other” or even “the other woman/man” when referring to their Hidden True Lover. This is a kind of loving fantasy idea, even if the real need would come through in their words, but they consider it a joke simply because society tells monogamy is the only real option in terms of a permanent, sexual union. The Hidden True Lovers will find it a relief that both of them know when to let go, even without ego and shame being the major obstacle to understanding how much the other means to them.

Hidden True Lovers will cause each other an enormous amount of pain in their relationships to other people. ANY other people, because for as long as the Hidden True Lovers are not together in a committed, permanent sexual relationship (polygamous marriage) they will always feel that whoever spends time with their other half is interfering and has come in between them. It doesn’t matter whether it is a work colleague, another friend or a romantic partner, whoever it is, they are always causing jealousy and feelings of rejection in the other friend. Anything that in any way comes in between them causes them pain and emotional anguish. When this happens, the other partner may well feel the other is doing it deliberately, as if the other one would be just rubbing it in the other one’s face, how “they do not want to be seen with them” or “how they think they are better than the other one” and so forth. These are all common and natural feelings – albeit results of a misunderstanding and confused feelings, because the society hasn’t given a context to these sort of feelings and considers the true meaning somewhat a sickness or an anomaly.

Hidden True Lovers are “never” happy in a marriage at the same time. Their ultimate sexual partner is the same, and if only one has a relationship with a True Spirit Mirror or even a Bosom Spirit Mirror partner, the other one will have to settle for someone else. The chances are, that Hidden True Lovers never find happiness in a marriage because their most important relationship is to each other. If your friend is more important to you than your spouse, or even the idea of finding a spouse, chances are your friend should BE your spouse, of a sort. The Hidden True Lovers would, even without finding their actual mutual opposite gender True Spirit Mirror, have a good chance of a happy relationship if they EVER have relationships together.

(Just a funny thought. Sometimes God 1)In this context, a short way of expressing things; God isn’t really actively giving clues like that, we do this for ourselves, but it feels as if the subconsciousness that drives our everyday events is ‘God’. gives us really, really thick clues about stuff. Conjoined twins would be a perfect example of people who should consider polygamy as the ONLY obvious way of finding love relationships; “We should NEVER PART or let anyone come between us!!” Of course, our societal conditioning even interferes with that – you would have to find a monogamous relationship between each individual between a pair of conjoined twins. Exactly how ridiculous is that?!)


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1.In this context, a short way of expressing things; God isn’t really actively giving clues like that, we do this for ourselves, but it feels as if the subconsciousness that drives our everyday events is ‘God’.

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