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Inflamed Bosom Spirit Mirror

When best friends turn bad

What normally comes in between great friends is another man or a woman, but that scenario is more likely to be about Hidden True Spirit Mirrors, or Hidden True Lover as I sometimes call them. In this case, the rift is something other than a mutual lover. Actual Bosom Spirit Mirrors do not share the Ultimate Lover, even though they might, in some cases, have the same Star Studs or casusal lovers who do not inspire jealousy. When these two fall onto the rocks, it’s probably over a deception of some kind, akin to the stories of best friends turning enemies in every Marvel comic you’ve read, and the drama of it is certainly measurable by the superhero vs. super villain scale. Great love turns into great hate, even though it most likely started out as a self-protective measure; The love became too great, and to stop it from becoming overbearing, one of them decided to stab the other in the back to save themselves from getting too emotionally attached to their friend.

Because the trust between Bosom Spirit Mirrors is so great, a betrayal feels incomprehensible and unforgivable. It maybe over a business decision, as it often is, but if it is over something completely… unfair and irrational, like one of two friends getting pregnant knowing the other one cannot conceive, then, we‘re talking about a different kind of a bond again; A Fluid Thinker may expect an unrealistic level of loyalty from a Solid Thinking friend; like turning down a place in a University because the other one didn’t get in or similar. As one of the requirements to qualify as a Bosom Spirit Mirror is that the love is completely unconditional, an act like this shouldn’t be regarded as a betrayal, but actual Bosom Spirit Mirrors are ALWAYS happy for each other’s successes and want nothing more for each other than pure happiness, even when they cannot reach to those levels themselves. True and Bosom Spirit Mirrors are alike in the sense that the love stays forever and forever, unconditionally, regardless whether they are together or not, which is an inconceivable form of love for a Fluid Thinker, to whom commitment is unconditional, not love.

However, Bosom Spirit Mirrors can have a fallout, but it is over a misunderstanding (“I thought you hated me so I didn’t come over” “I thought you hated me because you didn’t come..?”), deliberately going against one’s own instinct (like accepting a business deal knowing it will hurt their friend, including signing something lucrative thinking “it is sensible to do even though I don’t want to screw my friend over, but if I want to be a serious businessman, friendships cannot get in the way…” In this scenario, he actually DOES harm on his friend, which is the unforgivable act, rather than just leaving a company in pursuit of a better position, which a Bosom Spirit Mirror will understand and support and even celebrate rather than feel hurt). Often the Bosom Spirit Mirror rifts come over excess respect for the other: “I’ll never be as good as he/she is, and I know he looks down at me, I know he must think I’m a loser, I’ll have to try to show off a little…” While the friend thinks: “Oh why does he always have to throw his weight around like that, he’s being an absolute idiot…”

How to heal? Come clean. Say what you REALLY feel, fear, wish… They’re your best friend, they’ll love the truth.

(On that note, Hidden True Lovers DO also get into these same fights, but if the argument is over a lover, it’s more Hidden True Lover -arena, or Hidden Potential True Lover -arena.)

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