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Healing Personality Mirror

Cousin to the Star Stud Spirit Mirror (the difference is minor and not truly important in many cases), the Healing Personality Mirror comes to your life when you are in need of, well, healing. A lot less boisterous connection, the Healing pair will nurse each other back to health, often romantically speaking. After losing their […]

Undecided Spirit Mirror

The special someone who you cannot really categorize with confidence, not yet anyway.

The Undecided Personality Spirit Mirror is really a bit of a lazy, catch-all -categorizing of a soulmate who is “clearly” something more than just a Partial Spirit Mirror, but whose accurate categorizing to you is still very unclear. They could wind up being anything, really, but this is the point where things get interesting at […]

Partial Personality Mirrors

Incompatibility of spirits

Only Solid Thinkers are keenly aware of this type of a non-connection to other people. In fact, only Solid Thinkers are aware of the difference between a Partial Spirit Mirror and Exact Spirit Mirrors at all. This is because of the way they are wired; the Fluid Thinkers are wired to adapt to all people […]

Exciting Partial Personality Mirror

With Exciting Partial Personality Mirrors, there are some personality traits that do not fit well together. It is possible that you would, in time, find a way to adjust to one another, and find another way to live a perfect life together that you previously didn’t think of.

Spausal Spirit Mirror

(also, Active Partial Personality Mirror, in Twin Flame context "the soulmate")

These connections are the most commonly confused for a True Spirit Mirror1)True Spirit Mirror in other theories is called a Twin Flame, Twin Soul or Twin Ray – depending on the source.. The simplest way to explain the development of Spousal Spirit Mirrors2)Spousal Spirit Mirrors in the Twin Flame context is often referred to as the ‘soulmate’, […]

Vaporizing Spirit Mirror

Thirst that needs to be quenched

Very shortly, this soulmate connection is a fleeting one, but can be baffling enough to cause a lot of grief. This is a sexual connection that evaporates like water on hot stones when acted upon. The annoying part about it is that it can persist and linger for years while these two are fighting off […]

Inactive Partial Personality Mirror

The Inactive Partial Personality Mirror is really anyone in this world. This is the “and then everyone else” category. They too come in scales of compatibility from 0% to 99%, but never a full, the difference being that there is no prior incarnation history to speak of between you and them. The chances are that […]

Antagonist Personality Mirrors

The Antagonist Personality Mirrors, as the name suggests are somewhat of your soul’s enemies, although not necessarily to begin with and probably not by the end of it all. You may start a friendship or a relationship with them only to realize you made a mistake. I have separated them into two categories, and in […]

Kryptonite Personality Mirror

The Kryptonite Personality Mirror gets it’s name from the story of Superman, and how a crystal found on his home planet would, in close contact, remove his strength and make him just a normal man. This is the effect of a Kryptonite Personality Mirror. Just like in the case of Superman, most often this “crystal” […]

Fluid Spirit Mirror

The relationship type for people who value commitment

A Fluid Thinker will only ever connect fully in a relationship with another Fluid Thinker. They are potentially very different in character traits, they may disagree on almost anything, but they will decide to stick together no matter what. Both agree 100% that what makes a relationship perfect is the decision to stay together – […]


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