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A rock fan. A thinker. A psychic empath and a channel, a Tarot reader. A single polyandrist looking; The lover of men, kings, and gods. An eternal romance analyzer.  A romantic pervert. Generation X Rebel. A psycho-spiritual life coach.

The Bosom Spirit Mirror (Solid Thinkers)

(Non-sexual) Liberator of your authentic self. ;)

As we go through our lives, we get people telling us what to do and who to be, what to think and how to go about thinking that. The more Partial Personality Mirrors we have in our lives, the more we have to adjust and adapt to the way they want us to be, and we do the same to them, too. The Bosom Spirit Mirror is one of those people who will come into your oppressed life and liberate you from the shackles of your psychological conditioning, and who take who you are and shake it out of the shell that the Partial Personality Mirror connections have forced you into.

I could have called them Trouble Making Personality Mirrors, or Partners in Crime, The Enabler, but whatever you call them, you know they love you for who you truly are, and they are rather like the best friend that will make you ready for your Ultimate love story, because your ultimate lover needs you to be you, and there is nobody better reminding you of who you truly are than a Bosom Spirit Mirror.

They can be your parents, siblings, your best friend or a mentor, but they always want you to come out of your shell and they love every minute of your company because they enjoy who you are so thoroughly… And you love them. You both push each other to become more you; the point isn’t so much to make each other “better” versions of who you are – that stuff is for Partial Personality Mirrors – your Exact Personality Mirrors of both tiers want you to be whatever you are – warts and all, and they love you for it, and want you to become better at being who you are and discover MORE ways to be you. In fact, the Bosom Spirit Mirror is the best friend that is deemed “poor influence on you” the “bad crowd” you fell into because they bring out whatever you are; good or bad, but most likely a combination of both, whether or not society approves of it. Their love for you isn’t measured by how well you follow the rules, but how boldly you dare to be yourself. And, you love yourself more around them than with other people, because you know you can breathe easy, and nothing you say or do will be held against you, you won’t be judged, and you will always be enjoyed by them, just as you enjoy them.

They only ever anger at you when you refuse to do something you deep down want to do. They hate you for denying yourself in order to follow the rules of society or some authority. They will also hold you to your true promises to yourself and do not allow you to fail – even if it kills them sometimes. They will only let you go follow the norm when you manage to convince them that the most normal way of life is the way you want to live your life and that the normal will make you happier than whatever craziness the Bosom Spirit Mirror and you got up to.

The Bosom Spirit Mirror will also rejoice in your sexuality – or more commonly, they will get their kicks out of your sexuality, too. This doesn’t mean that they would be directly involved in your sex life, as in, you won’t share partners nor have sex together, (that would be the Star Stud Spirit Mirror in question) but it means that when you get your rocks off, they get a slight kick out of it, sort of in a “score for you is a score for the team!” mindset, and they LOVE it when you love life and enjoy life, and what is more enjoyable than good sex? Then again, they will be seething angry at you (quite illogically, not knowing exactly why they are angry, and they are likely to avoid looking at the reason in the fear of perhaps being gay and jealous) if you choose to marry a Partial Mirror, or when you tell yourself you are not good enough for someone you want. They may get angry and bitter at you if you try to sell yourself for less than what you are worth.

Even though you are “attached from the hip” at times, you both know that the time will come when you have to distance yourselves from each other, in order to not stand in the way of each others’ happiness which means more to you than anything in this world. Imagine a pair of girlfriends in their 20’s who are searching for their perfect guys together, knowing that once the other walks down the aisle (or get abducted by a bunch of devilishly handsome rogues) it is time for the friendship to cool down whilst knowing that if there’s ever a trouble of any kind, they’ll be there for one another, rogues or no rogues. If you cannot imagine living your life without this person for a moment, then, you have a friend who is one nudge up from here, and that might give you some disturbing news.

The only place where a Bosom Spirit Mirror may be trouble for you is when they don’t allow THEMSELVES to be who they are. In that case, they reject both themselves and you, and they will hate all signs of what they hate in themselves in you, and want to help to erase those elements in you – permanently – whether you like it or not. As they see themselves in you, everything they hate about themselves they also hate in you…

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