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A rock fan. A thinker. A psychic empath and a channel, a Tarot reader. A single polyandrist looking; The lover of men, kings, and gods. An eternal romance analyzer.  A romantic pervert. Generation X Rebel. A psycho-spiritual life coach.

True Spirit Mirror relationship stages

1st Tier Solid Personality Mirrors

Complete, ultimate, ideal, romantic, sexual lovers with millennia of history, connection tried and tested, broken, fixed, broken again…

Mature True Spirit Mirror

(old, fully developed connection)

Imagine Italy, the land of Amore, and the mature aged couple, surrounded by adoring children and family members, who admire this older couple for their flaming love that has endured unchanged for all the decades they’ve been together, and shows no signs of dying out. They love and tease one another, they flirt all the time as they are completely enamored by one another; as much as they love their children, that love pales in comparison to the adoration they feel for each other, and they want nothing  more for their children than for them to find this same love as they feel for each other. They love to give love advice to the younger ones who are still struggling with their lover’s quarrels and confused emotions because they know how enthralling phase that was, young love, that titillating feeling of not knowing whether your heart is going to be squashed or rescued; They are mature stage True Spirit Mirrors. (Different personalities live different lifestyles, but this does describe it very well.)

This ancient lover of your soul has been with you through thick and thin. You have loved each other for so long you don’t know how not to love each other anymore, they are like the air you breathe, and your souls have been entwined together by complete adoration, admiration and complete love toward the other. Once you return to each other, at first, every doubt you’ve ever held about true love will evaporate into the thin air, you KNOW it so deeply that THIS is what people are talking about, THIS is it… And usually within the next few minutes every doubt you have held in your mind about your own worth and the possibility of finding true love will return ten fold and tell you to run from this connection because you believe you are fooling yourself into thinking this is real – or a thousand other reasons that cause fear. When you first meet/met in this lifetime, you knew each other at the first sight, and you knew you returned to your long lost lover. You already know what is fulfillment, what is the surrender, but that is not necessarily where you are currently (on the surface). Every bit of hurt that you felt the moment you last met, will also be present, and so this connection CAN start from the point of an Inflamed True Spirit Mirror, that I have described separately because it looks so different at times. You pick up where you left off, but the difference between who you are now and what you have been taught about love (as in “don’t trust your feelings”) will cause problems… Read more…

Growing / Interrupted True Spirit Mirror relationship 

(old to ancient, partially developed connection)

It is very rare to find your True Spirit Mirror in any other phase than this or to stay in a Mature State for longer than a few hours, before freaking out and slipping into this stage. Because of this, the Mature State True Spirit Mirrors often meet when there is something or someone standing in their way, in order to function as a buffer to get them used to each other’s presence again. Often the buffer stops them from spinning completely out of control if they were there just by the two of them, and in many ways, the Mature State True Spirit Mirrors need to “sneak around their spouse” for a while to avoid slipping into this stage. In an ideal world, the Growing state True Spirit Mirror would be allowed all the time in the world to develop into a fully blooming relationship, but in the modern world, this process gets interrupted far more often than not. Because we are all basing our expectations of what is supposed to happen when bonding with a Partial Spirit Mirror, we hurry things along partly out of embarrassment of having to admit that “No, we haven’t kissed yet. No, no holding hands… No, I haven’t raked up the courage to talk to him/her yet.” In this phase, we are like 12-year olds again, we see the other and freak out. We don’t know how to behave, hen normally confident people suddenly realize that Oh My God… I don’t know what to do… And we clamp up and without proper encouragement from those who have reached the Mature State, we give up on the relationship. It is simply too weird, too much, too hot, and “too good to be true or last”.

We should simply enjoy the uncertainty, grin at the people who question our famous abilities to seduce anyone we like by simply saying: “Oh, he’s / she’s the one person that makes me FEEL like I have something to lose here. He / she is one in a million and I am not going to mess this up by being stupid. Let me take my time.”

It is common to give up on your True Spirit Mirror in this phase by convincing yourself that this is not ever going to work; it is “just lust” or “they are acting weird, mentally unstable, even”.

Uncharted True Spirit Mirror

(new, completely undeveloped connection, perhaps the experience of the originator of the Twin Flame theory)

The Uncharted True Spirit Mirror is an interesting phenomenon and a very rare one at that. This is something who you have never (really) met in a previous lifetime if you have, you have barely spoken. You are complete, utter strangers, but instinctively you know they would be perfect for you, and that your minds and personalities would simply slide into place together if given a chance. Everything about you two would work, you simply do not have any previous experience of it, and it is an intriguing feeling, at least to an ancient spirit, who has pretty much done them all by now. 😉 The Uncharted Spirit Mirror gives you almost an eerie, creepy feeling because you feel like everything about their energy matches yours, but you know they are a stranger to you. They are almost uncomfortable to be with, because that energy matches that of yours so perfectly, and they are also physically so attractive to you that you don’t quite know how to handle yourself around them. Truly amazing, probably the connection that started the “rumor” that Twin Flames have never met in a previous lifetime before because that feeling is STRONGLY present. Read more.

Inflamed True Spirit Mirror (old connection in severe crisis, “demonic nightmare soul”)

I also call this phase True Spirit Mirrors the Demonic Nightmare Souls, because of the way they relate to you. This is luckily potentially a fleeting phase, but can, even in milder forms, take a decade or two to sort itself out, but fleeting in the sense of eternity. There is a lot of hurt in this phase, something has happened that has left your, or your soulmate’s soul hurting, it is most likely a misunderstanding, inability to accept one’s own blame or some fear that isn’t true that is making the pain so strong. We do have a habit of telling ourselves stories about the other so that we could convince ourselves to “do the sensible thing” and leave this relationship alone. When you tell yourself enough of these stories, you start to believe them to be true. Usually, our worst fears are being reflected in the way we think the other one thinks about us and that creates the state of inflammation.

The basis of the problems stems most likely in suppressed sexual feelings, taboos that cannot surface due to societal sexual shaming and demonization of certain acts. To describe it; it can be difficult for a person to accept it about themselves that they would, in their heart of hearts, want to prostitute their own daughter to every man that visits them, because, deep down, they know that is what their daughter wants… That can cause a few problems in terms of fully opening up to someone, don’t you think? But more commonly, the Inflamed State is about a firm belief that “You think I am not good enough for you because I such and such.” Read More.

Hidden True Lover (Spirit Mirrors)

These ones are fantastic fun when the suppressed sexual feelings are not pressed too far down. The Hidden True Lovers challenge and make you question your sexuality, most of the time, and they often pass for 2nd Tier Exact Spirit Mirrors. The reason they are hiding is often a taboo of a sort. This could mean a same-gender True Spirit Mirror who you cannot quite see in that light yet, even though your connection is clearly sexual – perhaps you two are the only ones who haven’t noticed it yet. Most often this denotes a multi-True Personality Mirror connection, as in same-gender partners in a mutual Polygamous union (Poly Flame). Whatever they are, they do bring out something in you that you never thought you had; they may turn you from a perfectly normal red-blooded male into a cross-dressing homosexual, at least momentarily. This connection is also often a cause for someone to attach a permanent homosexual label onto themselves even though they were merely sexually attracted to this one particular individual. Read more.


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