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True Spirit Mirror (Solid Mirrors)

How Solid Thinkers fall in love

Their eyes meet across the room, and instantly, They Know. This is their ultimate soulmate. This goes beyond sexual attraction, it goes beyond curiosity or logic. They simply KNOW this is the person who they have looked for their entire lives. This is a sexual feeling but wrapped up in intoxicating and over-powering feeling of love.

It goes deeper than recognizing a long-lost spouse (active partial) or simple sexual attraction. (But a strong sexual attraction alone may be a sign of an undeveloped, new True Spirit Mirror connection.)

It goes into every cell of their body, like looking into another person’s soul at the same time as you look into your own (through the third eye). There is a knowledge that this relationship may not be simple at all, but is wrapped up in millennia of pain and pleasure.

There is a sense of intoxication, the sense of dropping into a timeless state, becoming instantly aware of one’s own soul and it’s timelessness. There is a sensation of knowing this person exactly. Knowing what has been and what will be, what happened. Even if you cannot remember it exactly, you remember the emotion of the events… you KNOW. This is because the emotion has lasted for millenias, and you’ve lived through countless of scenarios, with the same person, same attitudes, same love.

Only seconds later

This moment is often followed by a state of fear, doubt, playing it down, explaining it away, and any number of feelings that logic dictates on you. The brain takes over and starts to talk you out of what you just felt. And without knowing about True Spirit Mirrors or finding information about them, this state may be enough to break it. This has got to do with the culture we live in, in which true love is said not to exist. In countries and cultures where true love is still celebrated, people are not that much in danger of this being the instant breaking point.

In cultures where love, romance and being logical and sensible is more valued than romance and sexual love, it is almost certain to break the connection here, without some intervention from the uncurably romantic.

The Ultimate Soulmate compared to other types

True Spirit Mirrors, as in the 1st Tier Exact Personality Mirrors (or 1st Tier Solid) are the MOST intense, the MOST amazing, the most incredible connection you can have with another human being. It is marked by a lot of logical doubt that fights the instinctive knowledge. This person is everything you could possibly want from a love relationship and as unbelievable as that sounds, they do exist. They fall in love at first sight – or very quickly – there is a powerful sexual chemistry that even scares people; men especially: “You are going to use that power to control me!”

“The biggest feelings ever!”

People often try to put the label of a True Spirit Mirror on a lesser connection on the basis of “this is the biggest I’ve felt for anyone before!” but that is a misleading way of thinking about it. All it says is “of the people you’ve met”, not the population of the entire world. It’s a comparative measure, not the absolute, ultimate soulmate of all living people.

That is why we need the description, to make it possible to identify the ultimate soulmate because you simply will not be ABLE TO meet and greet all people in the world! Although the True Spirit Mirrors will recognize each other, the truth is that the outsiders without a similar previous experience will not. Therefore, they will insist beyond insisting that these feelings are not real. This is another reason why we need to talk about this, and talk about it loudly, because the True Spirit Mirrors sometimes feel they have lost their sanity.

Connections most commonly mistaken for a True Spirit Mirror

Most commonly the lesser connections confused with the ultimate soulmate are Active Partial Spirit Mirror, Mirage Spirit, or an Adjusting Spirit Mirror, the latter of which is the only one that has a CHANCE of being developed into a True Spirit Mirror connection given enough time (lifetimes, that is).

The difference between an Adjusting Spirit Mirror and the other connections is, that the Active Spirit Mirrors GENUINELY MUTUALLY agree, they want to stick together no matter what, despite their many differences. The other connections are completely or partially one-sided and based on things like logic, responsibility, convenience, ease of it and other non-romantic reasons. Often, one partner of the Active Partial simply feels obligated, not in love.

Development Stages

What all True Spirit Mirror stages have in common is that they all describe the same type of connection in different stages of development and soul history.

It is necessary to describe each separately, because what the relationship looks like from the moment the pair’s eyes meet is different based on what has happened between them in their previous lifetimes, and each stage has its own problems.

Only one stage is such that the couple (or polygroup) should be exposed to family and friends let alone marriage without the danger of a breakup. Although this connection is timeless and will never truly break, it is the most unstable relationship before it MUTUALLY reaches the Mature (surrendered) State, but once there, there is nothing that will truly break it, nothing at all. One partner can reach the surrendered state well before the other(s), but once there, they’ll are able to wait forever if needed… Particularly polyamorous variants.


There are several reasons for the initial instability, most of which are due to poor psychological conditioning prior to meeting this person or these people. Being convinced it won’t work, I’m not good enough for such love, and fear and sometimes realistic mistrust of the opposite gender play a huge factor.

(Women tend to feel like they need to control a man, and the men fear being controlled, and therefore mistrust the female, controlling or not! Feminists give all women a bad name, quite bluntly expressed. Another very harmful belief is that women don’t want sex as much as men do, making the True Spirit Mirror male feel like a dirty predator rather than a man in love. A wise True Spirit Mirror woman will set herself apart from other women and simply sexualize oneself blatantly enough so that the male partner doesn’t feel like he’s destroying a good woman by loving her, or taking advantage of her love for him.)

Number of ultimate soulmates

Each person technically has an unlimited number of any type of soulmates. This includes True Spirit Mirrors. In practicality, the number of them is most likely anywhere between 0 to 50 depending on several factors.

The number depends on their own, authentic (their true feelings as opposed to the “I should feel this way but I don’t”) ideal on how many there is going to be. Also, it depends on how many connections they have developed to a high level in previous lifetimes. (One is also a perfectly good number for some people, although THIS is actually pretty rare). It is to be expected, that not all people have a 3rd stage (mature) True Spirit Mirrors. This is because these connections need time and closeness to develop. Regardless, all Solid Thinkers are likely to have several Growing/Interrupted and Uncharted True Spirit Mirrors.

It is more than likely that most people also have Inflamed True Spirit Mirrors and Hidden True Spirit Mirrors. The Mature True Spirit Mirror is, by far the rarest soulmate connection. It required complete honesty, authenticity, an iron-glad self-esteem, fearlessness, and emotional and true sexual maturity to develop in the first place. These things are not common in people, and only a fairly small minority have achieved this level of development.

This connection does not come easy nor ready-made, and although previous lifetimes experience makes it easier to trust this connection above the earlier state True Spirit Mirrors, it does not guarantee an easy ride when the pair or group meets again.


It is more than reasonable to expect that there is ONE higher developed True Spirit Mirror connection even among the naturally polygamous than others. This is due to monogamy and the damage that monogamous ideals have done to the naturally polygamous connections. Our sense of romance is geared towards monogamy, and our culture, again, favors ideals that may or may not work with all True Spirit Mirrors.

Turning a little Fluid for your ultimate soulmate

For a clear Solid Thinker, the tell-tell-sign of a True Spirit Mirror relationship is that they turn a quite Fluid for this person. This means that although they would not happily change for anyone (although they might try to, and when they do, they feel bad about doing so,) but for a True Spirit Mirror they will want to evolve; expand, be more for them, and to be a better (suited) person for them.

In reverse, a sign of a True Spirit Mirror connection is that the other will ALLOW YOU TO change for them because they feel the connection is going to be forever. Normally, a Solid Thinker would feel: “I feel bad about letting you change for me because I know I will dump you anyway. You’ll never be able to change as much as I need you to.” (In some cases the changes needed would include a change of gender, so…)

Expansion and growth

What is notable to the “turning Fluid” with a True Spirit  Mirror, that the changes required feel pleasurable. Both (all) partners feel equal that the changes are POSITIVE and EXCITING.

The True Spirit Mirrors will always attempt to model after the strongest of the pair/group in order to become equal (again) as they always have. They find the challenge pleasurable.

The Partial and Adjusting Spirit Mirrors will always try to lower the bar so that everyone can stumble over it somehow, (and often create pedestals under each other just to feel equal to them).

True Spirit Mirrors will expand gladly for each other. Even when they grumble and complain about not being enough, they kind of know they will do the work anyway because they, ultimately, cannot leave this one alone. Without an ego (their idea who they want to be compared to who they feel they should be) fighting them, they will wish nothing more than to be the dream girl/boyfriend for this person.

The feeling is mutual, whether they are aware of each other’s feelings or not is another question entirely.

Making someone into a True Spirit Mirror

The only person you will be making into anyone’s True Spirit Mirror is yourself. You absolutely CANNOT and WILL NOT change anyone who is not willing to change for you against their will.

In one-sided connections, it is to be noted, that if you want to make a Mirage Spirit (for example) into a True Spirit Mirror, it is YOU who needs to change, not them. You need to become what they need, to high enough level for them to take notice. If they are not worth that trouble, then let the fuck go. If you are not willing to change for them, why the hell should they? (This is a topic I have had to write TOO  MUCH about because there is this one type of a person who simply CANNOT get it through their thick skull that the world doesn’t revolve around them and their needs.)

It all doesn’t need to apply to you and your group YET

Don’t panic if all of this doesn’t seem to be applying to you here. There are so many different situations it is impossible to mention them all here. It will take me a lifetime to list them all on a blog!

However, if you feel like it would be too much trouble to put effort into this relationship or a relationship, or you feel like it’s a necessity rather than a natural reaction to it, you are thinking about another type of a soulmate.

Even if you worked hard to be your True Spirit Mirror’s ideal partner, it never feels like hard work, it’s a joy or a pleasurable challenge to you. In a real True Spirit Mirror connection, changing feels like a gift to a person you adore, not like a sacrifice you need to make for someone needy and demanding.

The key feeling with True Spirit Mirrors is PLEASURE or in running state the FIGHTING A PLEASURE. You feel they are fighting their true wish to feel amazing about themselves and life with you, whereas a different connection feels like they are avoiding their responsibility and instead they are looking to have fun with some other people.

The people they want to have fun with are their True Spirit Mirrors and their 2nd Tiers. If you feel like a burden to them. If you are something they don’t want (although you wish they accepted their role in your life) you are talking about a different connection. If this is the case I will have nothing to do with your attempt to break their will and in manipulating them into your service.

Then what about  Twin Flames?

Permission to speak bluntly? Although the Twin Flame concept is probably (sadly) the best widely known description of true spiritual love there is, it is written by and for very young souls in comparison to what the Personality Mirror Soulmate Typology is. It is juvenile, based on hastily drawn conclusions, and does more work on fixing the fundamental errors in the assumptions than what it does in actually fixing relationships.

In many ways, the Twin Flame teachers are so precious about proving the theory, that they are not afraid to shatter relationships just to keep the fantasy of a juvenile love and it’s superiority alive.

Although there are some VERY GOOD Twin Flame teachers out there, the bulk of them do more harm than they do good. This is why I decided to fix this problem once and for all and write something you can actually rely on without having to butcher your own intuition and your way of being to fit into an ideal written for spiritual toddlers.

Here’s more on Twin Flames compared to the Personality Mirror Soulmate Typology


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