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Uncharted True Spirit Mirror

A perfectly right stranger

The Uncharted True Spirit Mirror is an interesting thing to meet, and also, quite rare. They are a person who you do not have a past life history with, but with whom you have made life choices so similar that you have become each other’s perfect match. This gets particularly eerie amongst highly developed ancient spirits, who have a very complex personality and have high standards for themselves and others, who are challenging to please and who do not find other people exciting easily. When such two people, who know they are difficult personalities and too picky for their own good, when they meet an Uncharted True Spirit Mirror it is a bizarre feeling. They are quite accustomed to Interrupted and Mature state True Spirit Mirrors (the latter of which are very rare indeed statistically speaking 1)not that I have official statistics on it, but you understand how one could draw a conclusion or two.) but Uncharted Tru Spirit Mirrors are a true rarity.

You find this new person, and you know something is different about them, but you don’t realize what is different about them compared to other times that you’ve fallen in love is that you actually do not know them from a previous life. Your paths might have crossed at a party sometimes, or you might have been distant relatives, but you have never in any previous lifetime (and for an ancient spirit that means a lot of lifetimes) you have never made friends, let alone become lovers.

Amongst successful, famous people, there is very little chance that you haven’t met one another at another lifetime at some stage. Most successful people have been successful in previous lifetimes, the fame is like the air they breath and success comes as a second nature. (You can all name the current incarnation of James Dean, can’t you?) Even though famous and successful people incarnate in different countries to avoid immediate resurfacing, at one stage or another, they’ve all met. So when you meet someone you really haven’t met, and you have chosen the character traits that you have freely, without the influence of each other, it is one bizarre feeling. It is as though you would meet something artificial, something that shouldn’t exist, like a copy of yourself that you haven’t authorized. You see, normally, we adopt qualities from people we love and adore. You know how quickly you start mimicking people you make friends with – you adopt their sense of humor, some of their mannerisms, and you are bound to pick up a phrase or two that is characteristic of them. True Spirit Mirrors normally develop like this. They do not fall for one another because they are alike, they are alike because they are in love with each other and they want to be more like the other. Each lifetime makes them more alike, simply because they cannot resist becoming more lovable to themselves as a result of their relationship. But an Uncharted Spirit Mirror… They became who they are without your influence, they became what you love on their own!

It is likely that they have some mutual soulmates with you, some people you both have been influenced by, but even so, meeting them for the first time is eerie, to say the least. You know you don’t know them, but you, at the same time, instinctively know that everything about them is a match to your character if you have an intuitive bone in your body.

The thing about Uncharted Spirit Mirrors is that there is absolutely no package to sort through. No previous history. Clean slate. But at the same time, as the slate is clean, it is easy to walk away from them without getting the insane, overpowering need to be together like you do with highly developed True Mirror connections. That connection can be easily created and taken to a level of an addiction, but if the other one is in a relationship or simply busy with life, you’ll shrug your shoulders and go. “Uh. OK.” They are easier to  let go of than an Active Partial Spirit Mirror, with whom you do have history, even though you do not have the compatibility the way you have with an Uncharted True Spirit Mirror. (And which one should you go for given the choice? The Uncharted, hands down.)

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1.not that I have official statistics on it, but you understand how one could draw a conclusion or two.

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