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How I stole Madonna’s admirer with one comment

The annoying thing is I know his approach works... Lessons to be learned.

I was checking out Madonna’s Instagram feed, and this guy was hitting on her. This is how I stole Madonna’s admirer from her.

He was the type who insults someone who he thinks has a big ego. He does this hoping she’d get irritated enough to engage in a good fight and then wind up having wild sex with him. Although this probably works in person with quite a number of women “who take shit from nobody”, online, it’s a really bad approach unless you live like two feet from each other and can walk across the street still fuming.

I stole Madonna’s admirer – The Story I’m sticking to

The analysis of the approach

So he goes for two things. He “makes a joke” about being in a relationship with Madonna, and then implying he’s been cheating on her. On top of that, he makes crude sexual remarks that should make her flare up for no other reason but to keep the talk clean for her fans.

The idea, as I pointed out, is to insult Madonna’s ego and sense of decency. To make her defend herself and all women and her fans. (As if Madonna hasn’t had to deal with this rubbish for what, 20, 30 years by now…) Then, the plan is, he would irritate her further. He presumes that eventually, they’re both so full of anger they’ll wind up angry fucking each other, completely oblivious to any restraints they may have.

Only, women like Madonna are so sick of this by now they don’t even take notice most likely – unless they happen to be right into it themselves.

The silver  lining

He thinks Madonna has too much self-respect to tolerate this kind of talk from a nobody. He has some weird level of respect for her, he thinks she’s above being talked to like this.

What he doesn’t understand is that she knows what he’s trying to do, or if she has never given it another thought, simply thinks he’s a first class loser and ignores him. It’s not HER problem if someone like him has issues.

My verdict is that it is still damned manipulative and sleazy approach. The only time when this could be sexy is between absolute equals who are secretly in love with each other, who both think its either the done thing or… well, genuinely sexy or fun.

Or… When a woman is so narcissistic she deserves to be shown how easy she is to manipulate with a little trash talk. I can feel a few guys laughing at how easy women are. How they are being all self-important and then winding up fucking the guy anyway. If that doesn’t feel salty, I don’t know what would.

I stole Madonna’s admirer just to prove a point

It was so predictable getting him to turn around and start talking to me. At the same time, I got to reveal to him and anyone who doesn’t understand the approach (and happened to pay attention) why these s*** heads do this. I admit they probably do this subconsciously by an instinct. I don’t think they know what makes them talk like this. Otherwise, they’d probably see some sense before doing this ONLINE.

Next time, know what’s happening and react accordingly.

Maybe you like to take them on in this game, maybe not.


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