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A rock fan. A thinker. A psychic empath and a channel, a Tarot reader. A polyandrist; The lover of men, kings, and gods. An eternal romance analyzer.  A romantic pervert. Generation X Rebel. A psycho-spiritual life coach.

Wow, I even scared myself back then!

Reading through the early archives of

I wanted to post some stuff I’d written years ago on my blog online… I feel like there are a few people who still feel like they want me to “go away already” because of the way some of the things I wrote and the way I worded them came across. I also want to […]

The one thing NOBODY has told you about Donald Trump

His real currency is love and admiration, not the dollar

There is something you Americans haven’t noticed about your president. There is NOBODY as eager to please as Donald Trump is. He wants nothing more than for his people to love him, but you’re drowning him in negativity and shite when you could, instead, inspire him and tell him what it is that you need.



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