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If you are in any way insecure about reading questionnable internet content, this is the last place to look. However, some of you might find these posts helpful regardless.


These posts are ordered by the latest checked post - the most reliable posts first. In the case many posts share the same modification date, that's because they've all been changed from some state of unpublish at the same time causing an update even though they have been republished unedited.

Oh go fuck yourself Amber Heard, I call bullshit.

A few million dollars is worth a bruise, isn't it?

Ever heard of bratting? I might be talking out of my ass here, but I am just getting that fishy smell in my nose here, and I can’t help it but say Amber Heard is full of it. So she tells Johnny she likes it rough sometimes. To make him get into it, she goes […]

The Johnny and Amber saga

That I have gotten entirely too sucked into...

I must admit, I have gotten so deep into this, that every night before bedtime, I check the latest gossip on Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. I find their story fascinating… So I am just going to say as I see it, and, as most of you, my┬áreal life information is limited to the gossip, […]

Johnny Depp abuses his kitchen cabinets and Amber Heard films it

Do you realize NOTHING was thrown? She wasn't even called "a bitch"?

OK, here’s the abuse in question. I am sure there’s much more to it, but this is certainly giving us a good peek to what Amber Heard has been talking about. So something has upset Johnny in the morning, we don’t know what it is. To me, it seems probably work-related, and don’t think it […]

Does Amber Heard have a Narcissisitic Personality Disorder?

Essentially making her a VERY unreliable witness

I used to run a support group for the victims of domestic violence by people with a narcissistic personality disorder, (just rolls off your tongue, doesn’t it) and I have gotten pretty familiar with the condition. What is clear, is that when men display the traits we see them very easily, at least the outsiders, […]

The dust settling: Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, what to think of it now?

I have been pretty vocal about the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard thing, simply out of sheer frustration about not being able to do anything about it but to be forced to sit on the sidelines and watch the disaster unfold right in front of me. I am a certified life coach, a former abuse […]

Oh Amber, I just can’t get enough of you, can I?

I must admit you're good. You're very, very good.

When the divorce between Heard and Depp became finalized, I predicted Amber Heard is going to sneak out of the deal of paying the charities by a) claiming that Depp hasn’t paid the money to her yet b) that her living costs are higher than expected and therefore she can’t honor the pledge or c) […]

Why do spirits forget the previous discussion?

I don’t know how common this is with people who speak to their soulmates in the spirit. I have wondered this myself for a long long time, and I think I finally have a credible answer. The situation, with me, is that I have decided to break free from my karmic soulmates and to continue […]

Great questions for Tarot

To go with your new-found reading skills

If you have never read Tarot before (or read with a book or out of memory) here is a 5-minute guide to tarot, and it works! Not all questions you ask of Tarot are equal. Some are really bad, like a lot of the timing questions: “When will this or that happen?” Tarot cannot give […]

The Celebrity Blogger Who Has Never Spoken To One

A bit about me, that is.

I was never too interested in celebrity gossip, celebrity news or celebrity┬álifestyle before. All things celeb really didn’t interest me much at all, if anything I’ve been celebrity avoidant – to the point of faking disinterest when one has hit on me. So, to make a transition from that to a “blogger for celebrities” is […]

Twin Flame Twin Soul Revelations – new view on the ancient concept

For as long as people have believed to have lived before on this planet, people have believed to have soulmates, loved ones who will return to them out of their own free will because the love they feel for one another is greater than death. The idea of Twin soulmates is a more recent one, […]


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