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If you are in any way insecure about reading questionnable internet content, this is the last place to look. However, some of you might find these posts helpful regardless.

Flirt Chicken played the Fluid Thinking way and the Solid Thinking way


Fluid Thinkers and Solid Thinkers flirt slightly differently. Even when they play Flirt Chicken – I just made that up, tell me if there’s an actual term for this – a game with the purpose of challenging the other to a game of flirt, they go about it slightly differently. Solid Thinkers will feel they way into it. They play, tease, poke, joke, but they are constantly on the lookout for signs on how far they can go before they insult or turn their intended off. A Fluid Thinker will approach without such dilemmas. They will go right off the deep end: “I don’t want you”, “I don’t like you”, “I am not interested” fully expecting their target to go: “Oh is that so, I’ll change your  mind on that.”

Fluid Thinkers can also attack fiercely even if they are being rejected. They can scream, shout and insult you, and they can use jealousy games quite cruelly to further their goals. From a Solid Thinker perspective what is typical to the Fluid way of flirting is the cruelty of it all. They simply blurt out the most hurtful things and expect you to be cool with that. From a Fluid Thinking standpoint, Solid Thinkers probably seem touchy, too serious, and too easy to insult and turn off; boring, in other words.

Solid Thinkers have more than one flirt mode to use, though. They can adjust to almost anything, apart from Fluid Thinking mode, that is simply too coarse for them. However… I must describe the way my… Most likely Solid Thinking True Spirit Mirror went about his flirtation.

First. Everything between us was magic. Pure magic. I could hear his thoughts, feel his feelings, and if neither one of us had said a word, we‘d probably would have wound up together no drama. But. Words had to be spoken, and the words that came out were the most horrible possible.

The worst part: I said them.

What I said was:

“I would be lying if I told you that you haven’t bothered me with your presence.”

Honest to God it took eme 15 years to realize hat it sounded like! What I MEANT was: “I can’t pretend to not be in love with you anymore, and when you are present with me and my boyfriend, your best friend, I cannot pretend to be in love with him as I am in love with you” hence his presence “bothered me”.

What he replied, dropped my jaw on the ground. “I was just testing you”. “I mean HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT?!”

Now I realize he tried to find the quickest route out of this horrible situation and play down what had happened between us by a choice of words that would make it sound completely menial to him.

So… My attempt to not sound too freaking self-confident knowing that I’ll snap my fingers and he’ll be mine, or assuming that I know exactly what you meant when you said nothing, and to not sound completely eager and just easy as… I chose words that could not have sounded more cruel if I had TRIED to find a dagger and drive it into him.

What followed, was a painful exchange of words for a few years before I moved out of the town convinced it was over. He told me he didn’t want me, every time I tried to approach him, he rejected me; I don’t want you. I am not interested. I don’t know where you get your fantasies from.

With it, I think he believed I was a Fluid Thinker, not using the term of course, but, someone who had to insult him before getting together with him. So he played along, reluctantly like dragging his feet; “Do I HAVE TO endure all of this… again?”

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