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Free Spirit Theories

As I expanded my studies into soulmates, I found that more and more I had to start connecting with other spiritual concepts and the physical reality that we exist in, to fully explain why some people feel an instant connection to one another, while others are clearly strangers. One question led to another, and I had to answer this question: Why are we here? Do “Twin Flames” really have some higher purpose on this planet, something that they need to do in order to pay for the happiness they are given once they finally find a way back to one another like many Twin Flame sources claimed. It could not be that intense love, that so often was fiercely sexual, could be reserved for spiritual, “good people” only, and therefore I had to figure out why we came here in the first place. My best answer: Because we could. The Universe exists, because it can. What you do with it is up to you.

Humanity has always felt the need to justify to themselves both the happiness they feel and the desperation they feel, and our gods have always attempted to explain to us how this all came to being and why it all happened. Sometimes they had to come up with a quick lie to remove some quilt, “there is no sin” would not have made any sense to someone from the dark ages, so instead we were told that Jesus died for our sins so you can keep doing what you were doing and not be afraid. That sort of thing.

I have, in  my exploration, come across a vast amount of quick and easy explanations to what essentially is this: Do whatever makes you blissfully happy – create your own paradise; you have an eternity to figure it out, for you cannot die.

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