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Give up your need to be with your Twin Flame, and then…

This has absolutely nothing to do with “magic” or “spirituality” in the sense that if you do this the desired event will magically appear. This has to do with simple human psychology, the way we sense each other and each other’s needs and wants. I am going to tell you to give up your expectations on being together with your Twin Flame, but I am not going to tell you that it won’t happen. This is simply a sift in the way you think, not going from desperate to hopeless, but to go from desperate to confident, really.

When we meet our Twin Flames (or True Spirit Mirrors), we tend to attach a lot of expectations to them, wishes to be together, and to be united forever. Although to the person holding on these dreams it seems like heaven, to the person who is being held to these expectations they can be a bit taunting. This is not because “they are afraid of their emotions” for you, or that they are “denying their feelings”, and this is certainly NOT a question of “not being enlightened enough” like many Twin Flame experts claim, this is simply the feeling that you get when someone has so many expectations regarding you that you a) don’t want to disappoint them if you give them what they want and b) you don’t want to commit to a relationship that already means so much to the other that you know cutting them lose if something goes wrong is going to send them to a pit of despair and sorrow. c) In some cases, this is also the fear of being played (for a fool). Even though these expectations would never be discussed, the other, especially a Twin Flame (TSM) will sense them of you, loud and clear, even thousands of miles away as you know.

(This also applies to other people you want in your life, if they know their friendship would mean a world to you, they are not likely to risk the relationship¬† evolving into a situation where they need to hurt you by sending your clingy ass away kicking and screaming, bawling your eyes out because you feel they OWE YOU THIS LOVE, when they figure you’re not quite what they’re looking for as a friend.)

Twin Flame relationships, just like other relationships, need to be started at an equal ground, where you both are strong enough to stand on your own two feet and not cling onto the other for everything you need. Even if, and this is rare that this would happen, even if you wanted your True Spirit Mirrors (in the Multiple Twin Flame Fracture sense) to be your entire world, you still need to be self-sufficient in everything, especially emotionally so that your Twin Flame will know you will survive if something goes wrong and they want to split from you. As much as you’d like to believe that normal relationship rules don’t apply to Twin Flames AT ALL, there are some that do, even more importantly than normal, and this is one of those “rules”. Because your Twin Flame cares about you about a million times more than anyone else, they will not risk hurting you if they feel you cannot cope with the idea of living without them, because it is a lot easier to cut things short than to break up down the line, when you have already gotten close and you’ve learned to count on their love. They are not so much afraid that they might get hurt, as they are afraid that you might get hurt, which is a fair fear when you feel the other one is putting a whole heap of expectations on you and planning their life on the assumption that you will be together forever.

This doesn’t sound too romantic to many of you, but I assure you once you get to this point you will know exactly why I wrote this post. This doesn’t mean you WILL NEVER join your lives to the last detail of it, into a impenetrable web that consists of you both and nothing but you two (or however many there is of you) but what it means that to make that happen, you both need to be in full balance and without expectations in terms of demands and needs. Expectations SHOULD exist in terms of fun, and not being able to wait what the relationship brings – without having already decided what it MUST be like.

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