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These posts have not been checked for a while. They're in all states of a mess. Some are published from a draft mode.

If you are in any way insecure about reading questionnable internet content, this is the last place to look. However, some of you might find these posts helpful regardless.

If you want guidance, let your guide guide you

Stop forcing them to tell you what you want to hear

In order to learn from someone else, you have to first let go of your own idea of what your teacher should tell you.
If you want to put words in your teachers mouth, you might as well not ask them anything.

As a love coach, particularly with Twin Flames, I sometimes get the feeling that my audience wants me to say something specific to them in order for them to accept what they are hearing comes from a true teacher. It is like I am being held for an exam, if I say the right things, my students will accept me as the authority, will settle in and start listening, until I say something they don’t approve of. In other words, they already know what they want me to tell them again, like reading their favorite bedtime story the exact same way over and over, so they would feel comforted, but not one bit smarter than what they were when we started.

As a guide, I have the responsibility to not do that. I have to make sure I speak only the truth, to the best of my ability. I actually do need to find solutions for my readers and clients, not just repeat platitudes that they are already comfortable with. So, how should I go about it?

First, I have to ask my client to accept the fact that they came to me for help, not the other way around. I have to ask them to let go of their previous beliefs to the extent where they can put them aside for a while until they know my point of view and my way of seeing things, and if they still think I do not make sense, they can return back to their previous beliefs, but for me to be of any possible help to them, they do have to first listen what I teach in order to be able to accurately evaluate it later on. My point of view, just like any coaches, is simply an alternative way of looking at things and, as your guide, the only point of me being here is for me to be who I am and teach you what I think about life. You are paying for my time and my point of view, not for me to repeat what you already know – unless we have made that kind of an arrangement; you’d have to pay me a heap to do that, though.

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