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Why You Might Want To Play With Money Or Gifts Sometimes…

Being polite or feeling guilty kills the heat...

I am not really experienced in this, but I have been thinking.

Men feel awfully awkward sometimes when having sex. Their mind is often fixated on how they are performing, are they good enough, are they pleasing her enough, all of these things taking their ability to fully enjoy sex away. With one night stands or casual flings men can sometimes let go, especially when they have no respect for the woman (resulting to mind-blowing sex for both parties). If, however, he’s really into her, but she’s not exactly sure, it is likely that in the back of his mind he is thinking he might be way out of his own league, he might feel really self-conscious about “how much of a disappointment he may be to this poor woman who he is taking advantage of making her think there’s a future or a relationship that is developing (she’s possibly in love with me and I feel all these lustful thoughts for her!)”

To take all of that away… Play with money. If you are like me, you want him to enjoy himself, to REALLY love being with me, but also, I can be so intimidating to men, no matter how nice I am, perhaps the niceness makes me even double so scary because they are often used to being treated with a stick rather than a carrot.

The way our gender roles are is the way our gender roles are, we must work on gender equality and what not over time, but we all want to cum hard, NOW. To fix that inequality quite fast, you can throw money into the game.

He decides how much he needs to pay you…


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