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After a divorce or a breakup, it’s time for a man to get selfish!

Women are constantly reminded to take care of themselves for a change, to think about themselves first, take care of mommy first, but do men ever get to be selfish or choose for themselves first? I say that not very often. I am also here to remind you guys that maybe you should take that gender equality thing seriously. I want you to remind yourself that whatever women have the right to do… you do too. After a divorce or a breakup, you are freer than ever to think about yourself first.

There’s no need to succumb to manipulation

I am a woman, okay? I know how other women operate. The main tool of control and manipulation is guilt and shame. Make a mental note of this, and every time someone is trying to use this against you, point it out: “You are trying to guilt me into doing that” or “you are trying to shame me for doing that.” That is your first aid.

To truly turn things around for you, you’ll have to know why what you truly want is actually OK. To want to be loved for who you are, rather than despite what you are. To be loved romantically because you are a man, not despite the fact you’re a man… (Do you know what I mean?) Remind yourself that it is not unreasonable to expect sex in a sexual relationship. If this is your ONLY sexual relationship, surely it is more than reasonable to expect sex to be a part of it, isn’t it?

You have the right to seek happiness, fulfillment, joy, and pleasure.

What do you want?

I know men are continually slashing their relationship wish list under the loving guidance of a woman until it contains one item only: “Company.”

Not sex, not even occasional sex, but company. To someone to be with you.

I also know this is not what you saw coming. Nobody did, but you were there, very likely. Even if things weren’t that bad, what do you want now? What do you REALLY want so much that you’re afraid of asking for it? Do you think it’s too late for something?

It may be a stretch, but…

It may well be a bit of a stretch to think you might actually get what you wanted all along, but do you care? Is it even remotely possible, do you think? In any shape or form? What if it could be?

40 is the new 20. (How old are you?)

You know what is a certain never going to happen? NOT EVEN TRYING! Have you ever given it a serious thought? Have you had the courage to face the embarrassment of actually thinking about it seriously?

Women control each other and men

Maybe rules are not really there to guide you but rather stop you from not serving the needs of a random woman. Don’t you think women stick together to make sure no man will step out of line, ever?

I know it’s true. I am a woman. I know exactly what I’m supposed to do and what I am not supposed to do according to the unwritten female pact against men. I know what they judge me for, but I don’t care. I am going to commit the cardinal sin and tell you how to ignore what women want and find the women who also do not care about the pact. You don’t need to settle for a life alone if you choose to not go along with what women want. There are women who break the rules and love a rule breaker.

I coach men

I coach men to live on their own terms. I want to teach you how to avoid the females who want to control men, not love them. I want you to know that sometimes the girl who is just a little too good to be true is actually very much real (and head over heels in love with you). No joke. You have simply learned to be “trapped” a certain way, and because this girl isn’t being a bitch about it, you don’t know she wants you.

I want the women who marry for security and convention to lose this battle. I want to liberate men into loving women who love them for them, not for their wallet or their obedience but for their laughter, their jokes, their biceps, and for the way they look at them. I want the feminists who think to be a woman is to not want sex with men to be forced to check their facts… Because we‘re out there.

Women who actually love men.

My website is open to men who get that

Because I cannot personally coach the number of men I want to coach, I’ve got a membership blog that will help more men that I could ever coach in person. I will be around, but there are hundreds of posts in my database, helping you to dissect, analyze and figure out women, yourself, your life, everything that has gone wrong in it… And everything that has gone right.

Some of it is a little bit naughty to keep things interesting, but you can handle it. 🙂

Memberships here

I trust you will find my fees more than acceptable. I want the masses, after all. Check memberships here.


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