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Need man therapy? Non-judgmental self-service online life coaching for men

Although I, your coach, am a girl, I ain't letting other women in...

Had enough? Do you need man therapy? :)

Lately,  men have been under a heavy attack. Nothing new, per say, just louder and more invasive than ever. Even a lot of women are starting to get really nervous under the pressure, as things are getting a little… Weird… And I figured you could all use some man therapy right now. 😀

Man Therapy?

True, I use the term a bit tongue-in-cheek, but what I do is serious… Fun. I coach men to reclaim their own self, their right to their masculinity, their true heart. I know that when the forum is out in the open, men shut up and women talk. This is not going to happen here. I insist on keeping my website female free, as there is always that one woman who decides to make it her business to chew the balls off any guy who makes a miss-step.

I am sort of a feminist, I believe in gender equality, but…

I do believe in gender equality, and I know you do, too. Most men do, wholeheartedly believe in gender equality, but not women’s right to dominate EVERYTHING. These women are not talking for all women, either, by the way. Some of them are lunatics – and some are simply irritating men for the simple purpose of finding the guy who won’t stand for it. Goes all gaagaa over the guy who tells her she’s full of it and takes control… To be quite honest with you.

Nonetheless, feminism is in so many ways such utter crap and I feel the need to blow the whistle and stop the game. I feel like there are women who really don’t understand what they are doing.

Feminism aside, let’s talk about relationships

I don’t need to tell you what women are like in relationships. She makes the rules, you conform, to put it simply. This is not gender equality, but how can you expect to find an equal relationship, if all women are like X and all men are like Y?

The answer here is that not all women are like X, nor are all men like Y. That is a myth, THANK GOD! However, there is a majority in each gender, and I need you to learn what gives. My brand of man therapy puts you back into the driver’s seat and give you the power of CHOOSING again.

How this works

I have a few hundred blog posts in the archive geared to help you discover your authentic self again. They go from checking whether or not you’re actually naturally monogamous or not to figuring out your thinker type and explaining the way other thinker types rationalize things. You’ll even learn to speak bitch should you want to.

I am a life coach but I write in a very casual style, hopefully making it a form of entertainment figuring stuff out for yourself.

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