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A rock fan. A thinker. A psychic empath and a channel, a Tarot reader. A polyandrist; The lover of men, kings, and gods. An eternal romance analyzer.  A romantic pervert. Generation X Rebel. A psycho-spiritual life coach.

Why you should listen to advice that sounds so delicious you’re afraid of it

And why we tend to follow the worst advice

Advice is always given in order to guide others to a happier existence based on one’s own experience and beliefs. The trouble is, what makes you happy may be completely different to what makes me happy. Therefore, my advice is automatically good for only those who think like me. Because we all think that what we want is the obvious thing to want, we find it odd that someone would tell us to do the opposite to become happy. Because it feels odd, we feel they must know something we don’t. We feel the ones who advise something different have already tried what we want and found it to not to bring them happiness. What they may leave out of the story, is the “obvious”; they never wanted it in the first place but felt pressured to go there…


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