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What do women want, and which woman to listen to?!

How to figure out different kinds of women

There is one good rule of thumb to follow whenever dealing with people: We‘re all different. Anyone who speaks for all women or all men are going to be wrong more often than they are right. It is impossible to figure out what women want, because all women want a different thing, just like all men want a different thing – something that is just as much a news to a lot of women than the opposite!

How to figure out a specific woman?

I go through pains to list types of people in my theories, and there are ways to figure out how a woman thinks. One of the main clues is who is her primary alignment. The primary tie can be to a friend, family member, parent, sibling, other women in general, to men in general, or their partner. The alliance is shown in different ways in dress and the way women express themselves.

Start paying attention, just for practice, how different women interact with people in general. There are women who are dressed like dolls and their focus is very much on other women and their opinions. To them, men seem to be an accessory, something to parade in front of other women to seek their admiration and approval. There are women who are more attuned to men. Even though they would interact with other women, they are separate from the other women somehow. They don’t hold as much of an alliance to their own gender because they are androphiles; lovers of men.

Women who want men

It is difficult for a woman who genuinely appreciates men to be quite blatant about their opinion in this feministic culture, in which you are being treated as a lepper if you support men. These women exist, however, and they give out a certain signal. They dress FOR MEN. They don’t over-do their makeup, and they seem to have a sixth sense on what men like. They are not overtly blokey either because they are openly and knowingly attracted to men, and these women want men to be attracted to them, for the sake of sex, not to use men as trophies to show to the girls. (I shouldn’t judge, the men I love use the polygynous women for the same purpose.)

Then, there are women who deny the side to themselves that is sexually attracted to men. They would be the “truck driver lesbians” who are not really lesbian, but who are like pre-teen boys insisting “girls are icky” but in reverse. They are the militant lesbians, who actually are not.

Women who want what women want

Women who dress for women, who make their life choices for women, and who focus on women are easy to spot. They have no time for men or their opinions, and they are closet bisexuals (leaning to lesbianism). They are so used to being a man’s sexual object that they don’t think there’s anything odd about it, but there is. These women should be harem girls. They are primarily attracted to other women, but will find one man to worship over all others – and this man HAS TO love women the way they are.

These women seem to be the most common group of women… But what would you say if I said most men really like a… slut? (I try not to perpetuate stereotypes but you kinda do, don’t you?)

The Garden Party Trick

Have you ever noticed how some women hang onto their boyfriend’s arm during all parties? They rather spend time with the blokes than with other women? Similarly, you’ll notice some men seeking the company of women rather than men. The women who avoid other women are polyandrous, while the men seeking female company are polygynous. There are also people who prefer a mixed group, and they are simply polygamous.

The people sitting alone are a wild card, might simply be the only intellectual at the party: they are wishing for a one-on-one conversation and are sitting alone to make a point that they are available for a deep and meaningful chat. Or they are the monogamist, who isn’t interested in anyone present but cannot leave due to some social obligation.

You could try how much your friend’s girlfriend loves attention from another bloke, and how much your friend loves you giving it to her. (Cuckold! 😉 )

We are all different, but there are some large brush strokes to follow

I list several different main people types that make figuring people out a whole lot easier. Then, after these, we get into the nuances and further detail, which go as deep as you are interested to dig. We all have a primary alliance, and normally, our alliance is toward our own gender, but not every time. You know the bloke who always complains about boring sports talk and how he is much more attuned to women (thinking that he’s a better person for it, too)? The guy who proudly claims to “get women”? Yeah, I don’t like that type, polygynous gynephile, either, because I belong into the opposite camp, as a polyandrous androphile female, I am completely in love with the male gender. I am the female equivalent to that guy, who claims to get women… And who thinks herself a better person for it, too. 😀

The typical man wants the opposite thing to what typical women want

Most men are polyandrous androphiles and most women are polygynous gynephiles. This means that in the demand of monogamy bring two types that are profoundly incompatible into a stereotypical couple… What the women want is the opposite of what the men want in this scenario. Girls are going dancing, boys will be boys…


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