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“Don’t be jealous” is the dumbest thing polyamorists have invented

Jealousy is the whole point of it all!

Polyrelationships are mostly based on the ideal of non-jealousy. At worst, this is a form of emotional abuse, at best, a beautiful understanding of two like-minded people, but jealousy should have a place in polyrelationships. It should be enjoyed, not suppressed, it should be the salt of the whole thing to be allowed to be jealous!

So imagine drunk and high Johnny Depp writing “Easy Amber” on a mirror with his bloody finger tip. Jealousy, right? Seething, delicious jealousy, I say. The rush of thinking that somewhere in London, Billy Bob Thorton was lusting after his wife, fucking his wife, thrusting his cock inside his wife’s deep cunt…

But to face the sheer frustration that she is actually just into other women who do not threaten him at all… “FUCK AMBER, you make me look like a fool.”

See what I am saying?

Jealousy is the spice of the whole thing. It is not about graciously sharing your wife or your husband with rival mates, NO, it’s about the excitement of not being able to control them, the idea of someone else wanting them, the fear of losing them, the seething agony of not knowing and still trusting that the love is real…

No matter whether you’re into girls or men, the sheer lust for jealousy is what makes it so spicy! Knowing and not knowing. Grabbing the one you can, and then holding onto the ones who couldn’t leave you even if they wanted to, because everything in their brain chemistry reacts to you somehow, and no matter who else they sleep with, somehow, they wind up back with you – when you let them go but they keep coming back… THAT is what this is all about.

They could have anyone, they could fuck anything, but the way you are naturally, your jealous episodes, your unreasonable demands, your fears, your crazy moments… None of it scares them away but you’re back to where you started from in his or her arms where you belong. Be jealous. Take delight in that!

You let them fuck anything they want, but they choose to only fuck you, just to spite the others, just to wind them up with jealousy, to laugh at them for not being able to have what they want, they sneer at your competitors and flip a bird, “no, no, I am with this one.” All the while as you fuck anyone you like, with your harem watching, writhing in jealousy and pleasurable joy of not being certain about someone for a change.

And then your guys turn gay for each other, and you’re sitting there enthralled… They are totally into men! You’ve seen women come and go, but your guys start to fuck each other instead, and you think… Wait a second, what if I’ve turned them all gay and the next thing I know I’ll be out the picture? And still you know you’re different, but you can’t be entirely sure…

“Don’t be jealous” is stupid! Be jealous, be seething jealous, enjoy every green monster you slay! Fuuuuuk…


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