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Dreams of Nuno Bettencourt and Steven Tyler coming true

Adding Joe Perry and Johnny Depp into the mix would not be bad.

About a year ago, I wanted Nuno Bettencourt to stop touring with Rihanna. (Nothing against the girl, just that I missed my rock dude Nuno.) Then, I wanted Nuno to join forces with Aerosmith. OK. 2/3 of the way there. I’ve got Steven Tyler in, but I’m still to hear a good mashup between Extreme and Aerosmith; Äärismith, I’ve already named them. (Finnish: Ääri-combined with anything means Extreme version of anything, pronounced, it still sounds very similar to Aerosmith.) Compile the rhythm section as you like, as long as Paul is the drummer… Fiiiine. Paul or Joey… But Mr. Kosh Kosh Kosh Kosh-Fig can sit this one out – it’s my dream after all. Joe, Nuno, and Steven. Nuno is Mr. Precision, Joe… Mr. Rough. Smooth and rough combined. Pat and Paul? Pat and Joey? Tom and Paul? Oh, the possibilities are endless!

So, for the last month Steven Tyler and Nuno Bettencourt have been touring with first Kings of Chaos and then performed together in Norway for the Nobel Peace Prize Concert. Nobel event indeed, but enough about all great achievements in the field of world peace, yada yada, more important matters to discuss over here. Sexy men! (Yeah yeah yeah, very humbled and all that, I know.) …

But what is also interesting…

Joe Perry was born on the 10th of September… Nuno Bettencourt was born on the 20th of September.

Joe Perry has a Portuguese background, Nuno Bettencourt is Portuguese born.

They both moved to Boston to become world-renowned guitarists in a Boston-based rock band.

They both recorded their first album at the age of 23.

Put their photos side by side around the same age, and you’d see brothers, now, they look like father and son.

Coincidence? Hardly.

This is meant to be, people. This is kismet. This is true love.

I’ll wait for my invitation to see Äärismith on stage next year. You can thank me later for the name.

Edit:  And this is f*d up; Johnny Depp joined Nuno Bettencourt on stage on Aug 17, 2015… Didn’t I order that, too?!

I swear to God I’m their spirit guide. 😀


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