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Essential Law of Attraction in One Article

The Law of Attraction could be described as the law of creating one’s own life. It is not exactly about attracting what you want, but more attracting what interests you, enthralls you or shows you who you truly are. It is not difficult, all of us do it without thinking all the time, and one thought is enough to make things manifest – which is why it seems random. However, the thoughts that are actualized are not random but carefully selected by the intensity of the idea. There are some common triggers that you might want to be aware of: Smugness, curiosity, excitement. Smugness is the most annoying one. You see someone in a difficult situation and you claim, in your mind, that you’d handle that situation so much better. You’d be able to love a child no matter what and that sort. You’ll be sure to find yourself in a challenging situation of the same theme within your own life time. If you are curious about something; “I wonder what that would be like…” You’ll be put in that situation to see for yourself. If you are excited: “I’d love to be like them!” and you’ll be given the opportunity to be more like them… Try and track back your life twists if you have ever felt that way before if you are self-aware enough to pick those moments.

Even if you are a master of the Law, you are likely to not get everything you want for one simple reason: You don’t really want to control everything in your life, but also, there are other reasons.

There is always a reward

This is the hardest thing to accept about your life. However bad things seem to go for you, there’s always a pay-off for whatever it is that you are experiencing. If nobody cared for the sick but were rather put off by their illnesses, illness would seize to exist. There would be no point to it. If you can’t gain something from being ill, you don’t want to be ill. No days off, no permission to complain, nobody to sit next to your bed and tell you how much you mean to them, no get well soon cards… No heroism for beating cancer… If all that was taken away, illness would lose its glamor. So the next time you visit a sick person, think whether you want to make them feel good about being sick or would you rather see them back on their feet in no time? Bravely look into what is the reward in what you don’t seem to want. If you are “ugly”, you get to blame others for not liking you because you can accuse them of being shallow. If you experience a lot of racism, you can accuse everyone who doesn’t like you for any reason at all for being racist, blame any job you didn’t get on your race and on top of it you get a sense of importance when you speak out. If you have a terrible childhood, bullied or abused, you’ll always have an excuse, but on top of that, you’ll get to survive something that nobody would take on voluntarily. Following? That paragraph is going to be unpopular.

Authentic self

The first thing that will lead you to the path of greater control in your life is to discover your authentic self. Once you find it, you’ll be able to guide yourself towards your true wishes. In short, observing what you enjoy in life will lead you to your true self. I’ve written more about authentic self here. (I think I just blew the promise of “one article”. Oh well. Sue me.)

Highest Wish (plan)

There is one thing that will nullify all your “I should want this” wishes, and that is your highest wish, that your soul may or may not be aware of but God (pardon me for using the G word again) is aware of what you usually go for (your previous life times included). He knows what you truly enjoy, and if you try to settle for a lot less than what you’d usually go for, he’ll hold off on the conflicting manifestations until you become more clear on what you truly want to experience this time around. To most it’s not that complicated; love, family, some excitement, it’s a safe bet for a lot of people, until they decide to evolve. Those of us who like to achieve something big, the start of life seems a whole lot more difficult. For example, if you usually want to become well known for something serious, you won’t achieve fame by doing nude comedy that would potentially harm your goal of becoming the President of the United States.

Dream Big

You will need to become aware of your truest wishes. Your biggest wishes. The thing why it’s so beneficial to dream big is that you won’t believe it would ever happen so you can let go of that dream easier. You won’t hang onto the how when you should only worry about what. My crazy dream was this: “To understand everything”. That is not something you even imagine would come true, but I thought about my true passion in life and I simply said to myself that I truly wanted to understand everything. Understand, not know, by the way. I figured it would take me a few life times, but the “everything” I was specifically thinking about was spiritual matters and how they affect this physical life of ours… This website is only a tiny part of the things that I was shown the path to as a result a couple of years later… No drama, no reading, no trouble. Just a natural evolution from one question to the next.

Law of attraction will filter out dreams that are not really yours. “I wish I had 10 million dollars” will go unnoticed until you feel like you really could use 10 million dollars. Then it’ll start to form.

Believe it to be possible

You’ll have to believe your dream to be possible, in some way, remotely possible. You might want 10 million dollars by tomorrow, but if you stubbornly believe it to be possible to happen to you, it will never happen. This protects our sense of security, our sense of reality. If unbelievable, unexpected things will happen too often, it’ll shake your understanding of what real life is about and that would make you a nervous wreck because the Law of Attraction doesn’t make much a difference between a good thing and a bad thing. If you couldn’t predict the outcome of your actions, your world would not make sense and you would not be able to make rational decisions. For LOA to work, you will at least have to accept a remote possibility you might have 10 million dollars by tomorrow, and then, with all other things in place, it might happen. Otherwise, it will not… Unless one of your truest wishes is to be shaken to the core by a positive surprise! The belief that the world works a certain way is also one that holds the Earth on its axis. Our world is created by first imagination and then the belief that things won’t change much from day to day. As each one of us has an equal amount of creation power, our mutual belief of the way things shape our world into what it is now. You can trust everyone to not want the world to spin off its axis or the world to come to an end. We love this place.

We also tend to believe those good things happen to other people. Often the wrong people. That’s why good things tend not to happen to ‘us’. Time to change that thinking. You’ll at least have to open up to the possibility that this might become true. It might happen that one day you’ll be thoroughly loved… And that there is someone in the world who does already love your soul to every last speck of it. That’s all. Just a possibility. Then, you need to enjoy that thought. Fear is not what truckers creation. You can stop fearing fear. Enjoyment, smugness, curiosity, excitement, pride, attention seeking, second-hand rewards. Those are creative emotions. Fear is not. If fear was a creative force, my dog would have been murdered a long time ago. Murdered.

Believe it to be possible and Dreaming so big you never need to believe it is the balance that makes stuff happen. Let go of the dream by making it so big you don’t really believe it possible, but so that there’s some context in which you can accept it into your reality. “If not in this life, then the next life” or “it might take me some time” or even “one day” works, even if you keep pushing that “one day” in front of you. You’ll catch up to it eventually.

Conflicting Desires

If you have any conflicting desires, and dreams, you’ll need to figure out which one is the most important and where each fits. If you want to be a star baseball player but you can’t decide whether you should play for the Red Socks or the Dodgers, because your grand fathers went for different teams, nothing will happen. You’ll have to first make a decision which team you want to join. Maybe you want the career with the Socks and then coach the Dodgers..? Sounds crazy to me but you’re the boss here. πŸ˜‰ Sometimes Law of Attraction is a practice in figuring out how to have your cake and eat it too. Maybe you wouldn’t mind being sold to Dodgers in mid-career. (Oh now you just need to decide where you want to retire from and how you want the switch to go so your fans don’t think you’re a sellout! …but they always do….)

Not the right wish!

Sometimes, we want to do something hoping for a certain result, but what we had in mind would not bring the desired result. For example, I wanted to buy a gift for a family member, but could not find the item I was looking for. Finally, I gave up and just told a mutual friend that I have been looking for this thing but can’t find it. He said the person who I was thinking about wouldn’t like the thing because they tried it but it wouldn’t work. So my goal was to make someone happy, but the method I had in mind would have been ineffective so I didn’t find the gift I was after.

A popular wrong wish would be to want a True Mirror Spirit (Twin Flame) relationship with a specific person who is only ever going to be a Partial Mirror Spirit (near twin). There is a conflict in the wish, the true wish is to experience extraordinary passionate love, but it simply won’t happen with the person you had in mind. You might still end up in a relationship with this person only to show you both this is not gonna work if both of you are equally stuck and in need of a good kick in the butt, or simply to say: “Fine, have it your way, clearly you’re not willing to want anything more!”

Complicated wishes (big wishes!)

Some LOA people tell you there’s no thing as a big wish but there is. That doesn’t mean that it won’t happen, it simply means it’ll take some time. If you want fast food, you’ll get it instantly, but if you want a 7-course gourmet meal, you’re going to have to wait a bit! Things take time. Things are in motion from the moment you have a True Wish, but aligning everything perfectly takes time.

Opportunity will arise, pay attention

Once you know what you wish, remember to take that opportunity when it arises!! I wanted to be a rock star. I was offered to meet my rock idols who are also soulmates to me at the age of 18. I didn’t go. Opportunity lost! Opportunities will come knocking, you’ll just have to be savvy enough to connect them to the right wish!

How to ask for it?

Asking for good things isn’t complicated at all. Pay attention to your surroundings, look at stuff you see thinking whether you’d like it for yourself or not, “window shop”. Do this with relationships as well as material things. Look at buildings like you’d plan your own. Watch movies paying attention to details you love, emotions you wish to experience, clothes you’d like to wear. Just become comfortable enjoying the thought of having something nice in your life. The more important something is, the more detail you should put in the thought. Enjoy the thought until it’s perfect, but try not to get stuck in it trying to decide between variations what it is exactly what you want. Define subjective matters. “A perfect body” means so many different things! Look at pictures of people who you want to look like and define “perfect body” that you’d love to have for yourself. You might also admire so many different types of the same thing (like a body) that God will have a difficult time deciding which one of them you see yourself having.


The most effective creative emotion is enjoyment. Whatever it is that you enjoy, will be drawn to you like a magnet. “Want” is a difficult emotion. Half of it is often a ‘should’. “I want world peace” may sound good but you don’t really give a damn. “I want to dance with someone ’till the Sun comes up!” is much, much better! πŸ™‚

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