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Extreme (Nuno Bettencourt) – South Park Festival Tampere, FIN, 5th June 2015

Nuno Bettencourt, Gary Cherone, Pat Badger and Kevin Figueiredo

The last time I saw Extreme play was on November 18th, 1992 in Helsinki, Finland. A stadium show with the original line-up of Nuno Bettencourt, Gary Cherone, Pat Badger and Paul Geary, who was now replaced by Kevin “K-Fig” Figueiredo. It was the first major rock concert I ever went to, and I had no idea how far the seats would be. They were… Very. Very. Far. All I could see was two star-shaped figures that I knew to be Patrick Badger and Nuno Bettencourt and a blurry figure I knew to be Gary Cherone running amok between the two other figures. I guess Paul Geary was in there somewhere too, but him hiding behind the drum kit and me being so far off stage I couldn’t be able to tell he was there – apart from it being unmistakable from the playing.

This time, front row, baby! I could see the veins in Nuno Bettencourt’s eyeballs from where I was standing. Nuno Bettencourt’s eyeballs, ladies, and he saw mine – but didn’t miss a note, unbelievable as that is. So there I was, trying to look as fetching as possible to the Gods of Rock while battling a fever and some Aeroflu I picked up on my way from Hobart to Helsinki (through Singapore so this is some kind of a major kick ass bug, so if Extreme is going to be cancelling shows it’s probably because Bettencourt caught the flu as at the end of the show as he couldn’t resist tonguing me like we’d both been 12… Yeah. No. Anyway…) … umh, yeah, I actually forgot I was sick for the entire show, even managed to sing along a bit without a care in the world. But it is the most futile task trying to describe a rock concert with words because you’ll wind up going all bombastic about it and messing it all up quite badly, so I’m not even going to try. Suffice to say Extreme never disappoints, and although I totally disagree with bands’ attempts to stop the spread of footage of their live shows, because succeeding in doing so would only give out the vibe the band is no longer relevant, I am going to acknowledge that Nuno Bettencourt puts out quite a vibe of demand of respect of his copyright, I’m going to share only a short clip – stating that a longer one would certainly do them more justice… And after looking at the videos that I recorded with my sorry old Samsung Galaxy S2, I will have to say screw you guys, I love you, I adore you, I want what is best for you and the population of this planet, this is seriously not about you anymore; people need to fucking see this!

It’s still just a clip, but a bit more than Nuno Bettencourt’s Instagram 15 seconds.

See? See why they get all the accolades even though there is this persistent air around them; a little girl’s favorite due to More Than Words, although the rep of being a hard-core guitar geniuses’ favorite is truer, it is stating the fact that these guys are the most amazing musicians and are only getting better as they age, Cherone in particular. I don’t think he’s been getting enough attention either compared to Bettencourt and here I am adding a clip with very little Cherone antics on it. But… Don’t you just love that bit where the not easily excited Finnish audience goes: “CUPID’S DEAD!” in the sort of part that non-fans would definitely miss, and this is a festival gig. :p Not bad, not bad.

The festival itself was organized by Finnish rock station Radio City, and the way Finns define “rock” is really “heavy metal”… The “we have no sexual, let alone romantic feelings for women, we simply release our sexual frustration onto heavy metal and hairy blokes we call friends” -kind of heavy metal… Bad environment for pretty blokes who got to be known for an acoustic ballad… But that “Cupid’s Dead!” in the middle of the guitar mayhem proved a point… Still heavy enough to be a substitute for sex. :p

So, to wind up looking like this on @NunoBettencourtOfficial’s feed does make me grinch.

Note to self, a white poncho is not a good look in the front row of a rock concert. It actually does nothing for the wearer but make her seem like the kind of a woman whose private parts have long been used for nothing but birthing babies along with other parts of her body. Never mind me looking exactly as what I suspected that Rolling Stones woman to look like. Yeah. I guess some things were not meant to be, like me suddenly turning cool.

(Edit 27th July 2017; I didn’t actually trash that poncho, I love it. This is what I was going for with that damned poncho as I have nicknamed it:)

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