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Glen Danzig and the lost boy

The 3 Samis

I was just rehashing and old memory, from 1995 Provinssi Rock festival back in Seinäjoki, Finland, where I spent the weekend with my then boyfriend and his 3 friends. Out of the 4 of them, 3 were named Sami, they all came from the same small town, and for some idiotic reason, their parents all named the boys Sami… Unbeknownst of each other, I suppose. What makes it even crazier, there was only 4 kids in their age group and therefore their class. That’s a small town. So, they went by their last names or nobody would know who they were talking to – or shouting to, the older they got, the louder the music…

Anyway, these three Samis were the biggest Danzig fans. All the way driving to Provinssi, they couldn’t shut up about seeing Danzig. Glen, the biggest damned hero they had… But Danzig was playing later in the evening, plenty of time for all Samis to get hammered. None of them did better job of it than the blonde – the cute one, a smaller of frame, he got sloshed quickest, and before Danzig would take the stage he was out of it. He was passed out when Danzig was due on stage, but since friends don’t abandon friends, the other two Samis dragged him to the FRONT ROW, all the while screaming into his ear that Glen was about to get on stage and he needs to wake up!

As the time drew closer, the crowd got more and more restless, and the sack of potatoes between the two Samis was getting heavier and harder to keep standing up as people were pushing and shoving them. They decided, to their great disappointment, to leave their perfect place right in front and drag Sami back out of the crowd. “You’re missing it!!!” They were screaming, with broken hearts, but almost as soon as we all got to the back where people start standing sparse and apart, the band got on stage with a loud bang. As soon as the first notes filled the air, Sami perked up, he straightened up, turned around, shouted: “GLEN!!!” and ran right back into the crowd the same route they’d dragged him out.

(Ol’ Glenny around the same time.)

We didn’t see him again for 3 days. When he finally returned back to the car and the tent, he had lost everything he had on him, his money, his tobacco, lighter, his sun glasses, his car keys… (no we didn’t have cell phones back then) and he was spent! The inquiries regarding his whereabouts for the past few days yielded no result. Those days were permanently sacrificed to the Gods of Rock n’ Roll.



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