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Grabbing balls is socially acceptable behaviour

Although I’m all for grabbing Steven Tyler’s balls, too, I must wonder why is it not only OK but also fun to do that, while if Steven had grabbed Linda’s boob, let alone stuck his hand between her thighs, I reckon he’d been slapped or punched in the face and hard, or at least instead of a laugh gotten a very big “WTF?!” face in return… And he’d be all over the news apologizing to all women about it explaining about his error of judgment.

He was cool about it obviously, Tweeting this picture himself – but shouldn’t women develop a sense of humor, too? On another note, women who grab men’s balls and touch them inappropriately without permission are not always as attractive as Linda Perry, either. Let’s just picture a football team full of men on both sides of their 20th year being sexually harassed by drunken 40-something women who regard themselves “cougars” and therefore entitled to stick their hands up their pants should they deem it pleasing. Is the man enjoying this? Hell no. Can he protest? Of course not, that would be disrespectful towards the “lady” in question.


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