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How Smart Am I – and how uncomfortable do I make people

A bit of a briefing to why my texts are a nasty read

The other side to my intelligence

Like my clothes sometimes, my general knowledge can be downright holy.

With my own realization of the importance of realistic self-rating, I’ve got to take this under consideration, too… I am starting to be obnoxiously intelligent. I hear the retort “Starting to be?” in my head to imply I’ve been obnoxiously intelligent for a while, as in, unrelatable, scary, and confrontational.

In my psycho-spiritual texts I point out stuff that is actually quite advanced and I deliver it like you were supposed to know it… In some sense, that’s how I feel. I FEEL LIKE this should no longer be an issue or on the table for a debate, and I FEEL LIKE this stuff should have been solved yonks ago, but, it hasn’t. We are still in baby boots as far as understanding ourselves goes, and I know when I point some stuff out… It sounds obvious, because, come to think of it, it is, but it is still stuff that not many people have stopped to think – myself included until the very moment I post it somewhere.

I’ve become so aware of how woefully lacking some psychological information is, and how little people pay attention to the world around themselves, and that has made me frustrated and angry. I feel that this was EASY, too easy to waste lifetimes on, and I am angry at people who have released so naivistic material in my field before, misguiding us all, and I’m agry at myself for not thinking things through before. And as I am this angry, you’d have to be a complete asshole to take me on for a debate, because I love ramming my message home, and only an asshole would want to be in the sharp end of my tongue these days…

So yeah. I’m a bit of a smartypants and I apologize. I am also not going to tone it down, in fact, I have barely gotten started with what I know and what I can show you, and I am going to have to say that yes, I know this makes people very uncomfortable. Some of the stuff I point out makes you feel down right moronic for having thought of something or not having thought of something for yourself, but let’s just say that in some areas of life, I’m the biggest moron there is. I couldn’t tell you for an absolute certainty what is the capital of Germany and every calculation that gets more complicated than 7+8 does my head in. That is actually the point where I start to sweat, no exaggeration. I am not smart in every area of life, but I can run circles around Stephen Hawkins when it comes to stuff I know, and I’ll take Tony Robbins on any day, even though my respect for the guy is immense.

I am also extraordinarily talented in many areas of life, but I couldn’t read a (musical) note to save my life, I can pretty much draw a stick figure confidently, and I get lost in a city I’ve lived my whole life because every time I duck into a store, the map inside my head gets reverted the opposite than what it was when I came in. Everyone who knows me knows that every time I exit a building, I start walking the wrong direction out of the choice of two.

It seems I have put all my energy in figuring out people, relationships, spirituality, and society and the sort, and at that, there’s no one I wouldn’t want to take on as a debate partner… Just don’t ask me anything about politics, because I get lost at the question of “who is the prime minister of Finland” (my own country)… (I would take a pause at the president, as I no longer live in Finland and it all seems so distant and arbitrary from where I am.)

And I have nothing but holes in my rock trivia… And if you ask me for the name of a director or what movies Martin Scorsese has gifted to humanity, my database stops at Eyes Wide Shut, and then I’d ask… Is it his? And I’ll forget a face as soon as I saw it if the owner of it didn’t have a 2-hour private conversation with me, or I didn’t get to study his features in a photo or on the screen for hours one end.

All my knowledge and smarts are intuitive. If I had to read a book for it, I’m at loss. I don’t LEARN things, I figure things out. If I had to rely on someone else to find me the answers, I haven’t got a clue. I’m the dumbest genius you’ve ever met. If I’m not genuinely interested in something, I don’t know the first thing about it, and this is a constant embarrassment for me, as I simply forget everything I read if I “have to” learn it… I am also a sucker for a good story, so when someone gives me information in an anecdotal way, I’ll store it into my mental database like a gold nugget, only to find out later it wasn’t even remotely true. I’ve learned to google everything before I trust it to be true.

I am absolutely not infallible, but I am a genius. I do not write this stuff to offend you or to throw my weight around but to entertain you or to liberate you. This is what I’m good at, that’s all, but… What I’m not interested in, anyone can beat me in a quiz.

And… If you are not threatened by me, the reason can be either that you’ve never really even though yourself as being smart, so you don’t fear others who threaten that self-image or you simply find me at a comfortable level of intelligence to read, which makes you pretty damned smart too… Or even… Both. You maybe wicked smart but someone who has never given themselves any credit for it so you don’t need to reconsider whether you need to reclassify yourself even if at times you find my texts complicated.


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Allan Furlong

I do enjoy your honestt; i do not feel threatened; and you are most certainly entertaining.


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We are the people lucky enough to have time for identity issues. Privileged to have these problems. (And trust you me, identity issues are worth sorting out because what comes out is so often a humanitarian.)


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