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If you’re wondering if I hear your voice in my head, too…?

There was certain things we needed to get out of the way before we could be together.

Like your belief that I would appreciate it if you made me into a widow so I could move on to the next guy.

We had soul attachments that would screw up our lives over and over and over, simply for the joy of feeling our pain that they thought was “romantic”. I didn’t know it at the time, but I had to screw things up so you could all live.

I do not want you to die anymore. I am sick of burying husbands. I need you all to get along and share me because I am not burying another husband simply so we could all fit in and be normal and respectably monogamously married. Fuck that.

I am brave enough to live without reputation.

Ja maine se on huonokin maine.

So yes… If you hear my voice in your mind… I can’t say for sure it is an absolute sign of true love coming to you if you do because I hear the voices of so many people, and not all of them voices of people I would piss on if they were on fire, but… But… But… Yes. I hear you, too.

One of you, I could always hear the thoughts of. I could feel you so easily that we’d have conversations without saying a word sometimes. Sometimes we’d just sit silently not saying a word, telepathically or otherwise. And I am glad I didn’t, because you are the dumbest of them all thinking I love to see you suffer. I don’t. Not at all. I love to see you purr happy, but I never knew if you wanted me to make you happy or if you were waiting for someone better.

Some of you, I have never met, but I feel like you’ve been next to me when I’ve gone through this personal hell of mine every step of the way. Some of you have been the personal hell I refer to… Hell in skirts. Witches.

I am only now getting myself back. I don’t know how this will turn out, will I be reverting back a few steps again or not, but each one of these moments brings me closer, and even when reverted, I don’t slide back as far as I was before, so… Two steps forward, one step back will eventually lead me where I need to be.

What do I want from you?

I don’t know. Wait. Be patient…

Do what feels right. It may not feel sensible to do so but do so anyway. Hold your tongue until you feel it’s the right time to say something or to do something. Don’t hurry. This is no time for hurrying; we are too old to get this wrong again, and we have no time for mistakes done due to impatience.

I am not away because I don’t love you. I’m away because I do.


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