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Imagine what this feels like… If you can.

My guys… Half of them are super famous. There’s a lot of them, I can’t deny. Too many for anything reasonable, logical, or realistic, or in any way… Imaginable the way we understand relationships today. Somehow it works, even though the monstrous ghost of monogamy ensues. However… It’ll work itself out I’m sure, but what I was going to write about is the weird feeling when you talk about something in spirit, and then you see it unfold in the media.

One of them fellows wanted a child. Badly. I told him I had been sterilized a couple of years ago, and that I wasn’t really into the idea of having children of my own at my age in particular (40) and that I didn’t want my children to become the poster children of polyandry because there’s no other parent I can give them to if things get really weird and heated up. I understood his wish for a child, though, and rather than have him stay with me for a year or two before the urge gets the better of him, him leaving through a major argument, I told him he would have to hurry up and get someone else pregnant soon, because… I wouldn’t want a child for myself, as much as I loved him. I can’t say how much later it was, two months, three months? Certainly no more than six months later, it was announced he was having a baby with his on again off again girlfriend of several years. The baby is fine, and now the question is, on the young father happy on the outside, does he really feel the runners coming on as I feel like, or am I imagining it?

In many ways, I feel that’s how a lot of my past lives have been; My men are with me on one hand, but they have their babies with other women… Simply because… well… Sometimes it’s easier to agree with your closest friends that as we can’t all marry her… maybe none of us should… So, I’ve been the friend who they respect too much to marry, I’ve been the prostitute they come to for consolation, I’ve been the girl following them into battles, and when I’ve had their children, I’ve also been a widower too often to care to repeat it; My lifetimes have been marked by several marriages and early graves of my husbands… And don’t get me wrong… I prefer a childfree life… For now, anyway. (Reincarnationally speaking.)

You already know about my connection to Johnny Depp. I knew about two weeks earlier that they were getting a divorce; he was leaving her, not the other way around, (makes a bit of a difference, don’t you think?) and I won’t repeat that story, but something that SO described what was happening – I don’t know if this actually happened, but around the time of the deposition, I think this might have been a practice of some kind – either spirit or in real life; he was on stand. The question was: “Mr. Depp, if she wins this case, will you be proud of Amber?” I was asleep and my eyes slammed open: “WHAT THE HELL KIND OF A QUESTION IS THAT?!” I thought. He stammered before he answered: “Sure, I’ll be proud of Amber” knowing full well that this was an ambush (and yes, I keep hearing these things even after I wake up). This answer was the only one he could give, but the purpose was to make him feel like a liar because he wouldn’t be proud of Amber, what normal individual would be?! He was forced, to maintain his image, to reply untruthfully to an obvious question; who in their right mind would be proud of their opponent winning a case that would tarnish his reputation for good?! The other purpose was to make him submit to Amber, or to look like a completely heartless bastard.

This also talks a whole heap about the kind of mindset women have: “I will twist your balls into a nice tight bundle; will you be proud of me the way I treat our balls?” They do not have boundaries, not even in a divorce hearing, treating him as if they were still together, and a question like “will you be proud of me” is still relevant, when, obviously, after the hearing they’d be divorced and there was nothing to be proud of anymore – but that’s  not the way these women see it.

Further, I figured that Ambers original plan of “donating her money to charity” was to accuse Johnny of never paying it at all or blaming unforeseen financial difficulty that would prevent from actually following through with her planned donations. Do you know how it feels when only a few days later I realize Johnny saw it coming, donates the money directly to the charities in question, Amber lashes out, forces him to pay her directly, all the while insisting she hasn’t received a cent yet… Do you think she’s going to start receiving those cents now? Who could check it, right? If she puts it to the media that Depp hasn’t paid, there’s nobody who can verify that to those who wish to believe he hasn’t… Nor vice versa. He should have sued her already… but he’s too fed up with her to talk about her let alone spend another day thinking about her. I’ll just try and be happy he’s finally done with her, and he didn’t get burned worse than he was, although, the aftermath… I’m sure, is yet to come. (In my head, yesterday, Amber was asking me if I had noticed she doesn’t want Johnny anymore, and why is it that I’m still interested in him. I couldn’t help but laugh. That airheaded little bitch thinks everyone is in love with her, and everything that happens around her is about her. Spoiled little brat that cost Johnny… What was it… $750 or $950 an hour, can’t remember, including her personal monthly spending but not including the fee Johnny had to fork up to get HER dogs back to USA after smuggling them to Australia, nor gifts… That’s one expensive piece of…)

Would you be proud of Amber if she won this case..?

Snapping. That is what another guy of mine is doing with his wife. Snapping. Every time they exchange words, it comes out as a snap. Outwardly happy, devoted father, but… He never mentions his wife, or barely mentions her, and I think I know why. It feels weird.

Another guy… Ah, this is what I was going to say, too… He was seen outing with a girlfriend half his age, and when rumors of an engagement ring started to emerge, I got a little nervous. He told me this girl was just a casual “friend” for the time being, but that he would keep her out of the media if it made me nervous. I was satisfied with that. For months, or over a year, there was not a beep about them, then, as I told Johnny I needed him to sleep with someone else after Amber because she made me nauseous, and he turns up on a date with Vanessa, who I’ve got no issues with, I told this other guy that I can’t make him wait for however long this is going to take me, because I don’t know when, how what, and things keep dragging on, and he says: “You’ll see us in the media soon, then, don’t freak out.” Two weeks later, they’re out and about again. This same guy… He told me he was going to break up with his girlfriend of 7 years, and I wouldn’t believe it. Later, I found in the media the exact timeline he was talking about but I simply wouldn’t buy it. If I was anyone else, I would ask myself: “What more do you need to believe this?!” But… it’s just too big. Too big too big too awesome to believe it, still.


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